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"THE KING,ELVIS," original art 16"x20" airbrush/colored pencils

"K" original art 11"x15" colored pencils

Ichiro/Steve Largent, original sandblasted/airbrush,1.5 liter wine bottle's

Barry Sanders/Detroit Lions,NFL 11"x15" pen&ink

"My Admiration",16"x20" watercolores/colored pencils

"Three Worlds",16"x20" airbrush/colored pencils/hand paint testers

"The Girls" 8"x10" colored markers

Wine cooler Ad,8"x10" black&white photograph/w,airbrush enhancement

2 business cards I designed/ top,Sports Card Shop,bottom,Carpet business

"Lunerscape" 5"x 10" airbrush/colored pencils

"Micheal Jordan" 11"x 15" pen/ink black&white

John Lennon,"Imagine" 11"x15" grey scale markers

"Sierra Rose",16"x20" airbrush/colored pencils/hand painting

"Wine glass",8"x12" airbrush

"Xtra People" 16"x20"/colored markers,colored pencils

Charles Barkly,Basketball Card,pen/ink/with,computer enhancement ,National Promo Card

Wine Bottle,Museum of Flight,/The Concord,6.liter,airbrush/hand painting

Dave Niehaus, (The Voice of the Seattle Mariners), "First Pitch",Safeco Field16"x20" pen&ink

"Concrete Planet" 5"x 10" airbrush/colored pencils

"JESUS",8"x10"/colored markers

"The Girl next door" 11"x15" scratchboard

"Richard Petty" 11"x15" pen&ink

"Star Trek" 5"x14" airbrush/colored pencils/Billboard Ad

"Reach 4 It" 11"x15" airbrush/colored pencils

Ken Griffey Jr. & Frank Thomas, 8"x10"s Uncut sheet,/sheet is 11"x15"

"Bathroom" 5"x5" colored markers/magazine Ad

"New World" 16"x20"airbrush/colored pencils,handpainting

KISS/JIMI HENDRIX,original art,1.5 liter wine bottles

"CD Earring" 11"x15" airbrush/colored pencils/handpaintingPhotobucketPhotobucketFIRE

Walla Walla Vineyards,Eastern WA/6 liter,sandblasted,airbrush/handpaintedkingkaps7Tees

Mr.Steve Largent 16"x20" pen & Ink/black & white,"Ring of Honor piece"!!