~ The Art Gallery 2 ~

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"These are framed & Not framed Originals, 16"x20" Art,with team color double matteing"


Mr.Dan Marino, Original Art 16"x20"/with double matteing,21"x22"/w double matte,of .team color's & silver frame"ready for hanging ! "HOF" piece,never been printed!!

Mr.Joe Mantana,Original Art,16"x20"/with double matteing, 19"x22"/w,double matte,of team color's,never been printed !! ""ready to frame"

Mr.Garth Brooks,Original Art 16"x20"/with double matteing, 19"x22"/w, double matte, leather like,never been printed !! "ready to frame"!

Mr.Micheal Jordan, Original Art,16"x20" pen&Ink double matteing,and red frame,ready for hanging,18"x23"/w,frame ,published piece!


Mr.Dave Niehaus,Original Art,16"x20" double matteing team color's,ready for framing ! 20"x22"/w,double matte, published piece!

"8"x10" Sportstar Art Plac,this is a nice way to display them! comes with,players name,team,and position on plac.


Here is more of my Wine Bottle Art, for several Co.


"If you see it in your mind,you're going to hold it in your hand."    "Bob Proctor"


Me and my kids, 1/19/09  when my 2 oldest came back from Col.from left to right,Brandon, Me, Jessica ("Shrimp") & ("little") Bonnie. I Miss Them Alway's & Cherish them forever!!!! Check out my #1 Student & Son Brandon http://www.myspace.com/INDIOPOP