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In 1782, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His Justice cannot sleep forever." hmmm....








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"I've Unplugged this summer so far, not cuz I wanted to, but I had too! I have'nt been here since Easter I think?"

been doing alot of this!"

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:headbang:    Hey!...........     seahawks photo: seahawks.gif   seahawks STICKER


I haven't been here since May or Easter, I really don't remember?


When this happens it's not good. This time it was my heart, ❤️ I was having heart pains yeh not good, anyway had x-rays of my chest & lungs and that turns out to be not good, Doc. found a spot on my lungs, waiting on those resultes.

It sucks but what are you going to do, I always in pain, Thank You Everyone for all your Prayers! I fell them and need them if I'm going to hang around a little longer,

just turned 57 in May. yep!

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I use to give you all the games games and headline news, Here he is, "The Dancing Hot Dog!" grab him and put him in your photos!



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Seattle Mariners Logo SEA 4 - 3 CWS Chicago White Sox Logo

Cruz, 'pen give Mariners narrow win vs. Sox

CHICAGO -- Nelson Cruz's go-ahead, two-run homer off of Anthony Swarzak gave the Mariners the boost they needed to edge the Chicago White Sox, 4-3, on Saturday at Guaranteed Rate Field and claim both a series victory and the club's third consecutive win.

Leading 3-2 in the sixth inning with Robinson Cano on base, White Sox manager Rick Renteria elected to bring on Swarzak -- who had kept 19 of 26 inherited runners from scoring this season entering the game -- to face Cruz. Despite dealing with a lingering bruised right knee dating back to the beginning of the month, the American League RBI leader added to his total, taking a 95.7-mph fastball 425 feet to left-center field, as projected by Statcast, to give Seattle a 4-3 lead.

"Our bullpen was outstanding again tonight," said Mariners manager Scott Servais. "Guys are in a good groove. ... Running four guys in a row out there, it's really hard to have all four on top of their game, but we needed it tonight and they did it."

Diaz earns the save
Edwin Diaz strikes out Jose Abreu swinging for the save as the Mariners take home a 4-3 win against the White Sox


PNC Park T-Rex inspires Cardinals reliever to do his best 'running dinosaur' impression

On Friday night, it made an appearance in Pittsburgh for the Pirates' game against the Cardinals, taking a quick lap around the outfield prior to first pitch -- and St. Louis reliever Matt Bowman was so moved that he decided to do his best dinosaur impression:


 Proper arm placement, appropriately choppy steps -- A+ execution from Bowman here.


will I just can't do that any more, I just end up doing this!

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 Then I feel like I have to do this!,............ So as you can see I still have my since of humer!
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"Just been trying to keep it together?"
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 "Thanks Simon!!"
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"I just explain myself better throught my GIF's, than speaking or writing!"
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Federer rolls to Wimbledon win for 19th major victory

Wimbledon 2017 men's final: Roger Federer claims record 8th Wimbledon title

Wimbledon wimbledon roger federer champion championship GIF

Roger Federer secured his eighth Wimbledon title on Sunday after beating Marin Cilic in three sets.

This year has been one of Federer's greatest seasons, and he shows no sign of slowing down. He won his second Grand Slam title of the year at Wimbledon, after winning the Australian Open in January. This victory brings him to 19 major titles in his career, at 35 years and 342 days old.

 sad doctor who crying sadness sad face GIF

Federer is the oldest man in the Open era to win Wimbledon. He now has the most all-time championship wins at Wimbledon after hoisting his eighth crown.

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Watch a Minor Leaguer's slip and fall turn a ground ball into an inside-the-park homer

By Chris Landers

When you think of an inside-the-park homer, what sort of play comes to mind? A ball taking a weird carom off the wall, maybe, or a diving attempt that comes up empty.

Chances are what did not come to mind was a chopper down the right-field line. And yet, Quad City River Bandits third baseman Marcos Almonte turned one of those into an inside-the-parker against the South Bend Cubs on Friday night -- thanks to a little determination, a lot of speed ... and the fact that right fielder Chris Pieters slipped and fell:


Yes, that really happened. The ball wasn't particularly well hit, and only made it into right field because of a defensive shift. It probably would have stayed just a single, and yet:

Don't feel too bad for Pieters: The Cubs would rally for a 7-4 win. And besides, it even happens to the big leaguers every now and then.

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.



 I'm trying to open up a little with you, always been hard for me.  
I must say, that I used to be so much better at Multi-Tasking, it seems like such a choir now! I don't get over to facebook that often! working on it! Thank You Friend's for bearing with me.
"First off, I miss playing my Drums so Much!"

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 Make sure you grab your 6 Free Downloads! of the last two Bands I was in. Enjoy! and see my Artwork below! and some of the ESPYS" All-Star Game, Home Run Derby!" Enjoy!


 "I used to do this all the time, when I was playing Live!" "Mariners Taylor Motter, #MotterPop" #GoMariners

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Step back in time to the 14th Century, my mini portfolio, turn up your Volume, me on Drums!

 "My Kingkaps7 Knights"

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"Rest in Peace my Brother, it was a honor to know you!"

"I'll see you in the ressurection"

🥁  I had to quit coffee! Noooooo, yep!, I have the full blown Diabetes, it so suck's! with all the diabetic pain, this explains why my hands go numb and my leg's and feet really hurt. my body is so beat up!!
Plus a few more thing's happening, that's a little embarrassing to say! There's more to explain soon.
Ok,     ,................ " I can not stay online very long, my hands go numb after awhile and I get very confussed!    
Also my tumer in my right kidney is in remmision! Yeah!!
"I'm old,....... I'm 56 years old, but my body feels like its 80!!!!.... 30 year Drum Career, Art, been drawing since I was 5 years old. "Life long Seahawks 12 I've seen the whole thing!! & Mariners since the birth of both, and Bring Back my Seattle SuperSonics!
It's strange that back in the day we had the Sonics and no Seahawks or Mariners, know! Seahawks & Mariners and no Sonics!
I'm a single Proud Dad of three grown kid's two girls, 26, 28 & one boy 31. and the Very Proud Grandpa, Yes! of my first grandson 3 year old Collin King. ❤️ I'll be getting pic's of him!
"Me and my Kid's" I think this was taken about 5 years ago, I still look the same, just my hair is completely gray! "like Gandolf, of Lord of the Ring's" I always say I earned every one of them!

I Thank You All for All your Thought's and Prayers! I Feel them All, ❤️  my strengh is really deteriorating and losing mustle mass! I hav'nt Updated since May!!  I will keep you posted!!

 I will not be updating every day, like before! sorry, just can't do it peeps! takes almost everything I got!



"Hello Darkness my old Friend!"



Read On!,.......

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Bill Murray breaks champagne bottle Kevin Durant looks at 2017 ESPYS
Kevin Durant reacted to Peyton Manning’s ESPYS joke with a cryptic emoji tweet

Peyton Manning roasted Kevin Durant at the ESPYS on Wednesday, joking that the Warriors star would want to join the U.S. gymnastics team because they're so good.

The entire NBA world was very amused. Durant, however, was not.

As the joke was being told, he gave the most irritated look to Manning's attempt at comedy. Durant is coming off an NBA Finals MVP, but of course, the Warriors jokes are not stopping. Towards the end of the award show, Durant took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the joke. He needed just one emoji.

We know he's not happy. The flat-face emoji is never used in a positive sense.

But what was Durant flat-facing?

It could have been the joke. It could have been Manning getting Russell Westbrook involved in the joke. Or, it could have been a flat-face to how NBA fans made a big deal about the moment. If that's the case, this article probably won't help.

Sorry, KD.

Russell Wilson Lindsey Vonn at the ESPYS

Vin Scully, Bill Murray, Nick Offerman, David Ross and more from MLB's night at the ESPYs

When it came time for the Best Moment Award to be handed out, it obviously went to the Cubs -- and two superfans appeared onstage to accept the award on the team's behalf. Those fans were comedians Nick Offerman and Bill Murray (who quipped "108 years is hardly a moment") but their speech was interrupted by none other than Grandpa Rossy himself, distinguished "Dancing With the Stars" alum and October hero David Ross, with some expert comedic timing:

Actor Bryan Cranston, a Dodgers fan, was tasked with doling out the Icon Award to Vin Scully, the legendary announcer who stepped down from the broadcast booth in classy fashion at the end of last season.

Naturally, Vin's acceptance speech was warm and self-deprecating -- he remarked that, "I don't have a relative in the world who would make that kind of trip," referring to Cranston's NYC-to-LA trek for the ESPYs.

Oh, and Scully also let out his trademark phrase, for old time's sake:

In addition to the moments seen above, the Best MLB Athlete Award was handed out to none other than the Angels' Mike Trout.

All in all, a pretty good night for MLB.






The 10 best moments from the 2017 All-Star Game

 MVP! Cano steals show with homer

Cano hits decisive HR, named All-Star MVP

 MIAMI -- Before the game, he had crouched down there in the dirt near home plate and caught the still-sharp offering from Juan Marichal, one of eight living Latin American-born Hall of Famers to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before the 88th All-Star Game presented by Mastercard. Robinson Cano rose to his feet, gave the Dominican Dandy a big hug, posed for some photos and retreated to the American League dugout.

Tuesday night saw the American League defeat the National League, 2-1, in the 88th Major League All-Star Game. With the best of the best coming together to play baseball, there was no doubt that the game would be special. But just as the All-Star Game elevates the best players from the other upper echelon of athletes,

88th MLB All-Star Game
home run?


View image on Twitter

Congratulations @RobinsonCano!

"The second baseman is headed back to the All-Star Game."

so says to the guy, “hey, i’m robbi freakin’ cano ova here” and he goes “hey, up yours, robbi freakin’ cano” and so then i signed with seattle.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

 Nelson Cruz came to the plate, he needed a photo with Joe West. Best of all: Molina appeared to need help getting the camera open -- just like every passerby you ask while visiting Disney World.

seahawks photo: seahawks.gif

 mlb baseball seahawks seattle seahawks mariners GIF


He then took a mighty crack against Zack Greinke's offering and it went high, deep and ... landed right before the warning track. But can you imagine if it went out?



As for Molina, he clubbed an opposite-field homer to right-center field in the bottom of the frame, so he had a pretty good night, too. 

After the game was over, Cruz explained that this was actually his plan from the very beginning -- kind of: 

"I thought about it before the game and told everybody I was going to take a picture with Joe West my first at-bat. It was supposed to be a selfie, but I saw Yadi say batting gloves would make it [difficult]."

So why Joe West?

"Well, he's a legend, you know? I think that's the only chance you get to take a picture with Joe West."

After the photo-op, Cruz slid his phone into his back pocket. Wouldn't that be a distraction? Not so, he explained: 

"It was good. I had it on silent, so if anyone called me..."

What about sliding into a base? Cruz had that covered as well:

"I slide on my right side always, so it was safe. And I have insurance, too."

This wasn't the first time Cruz had this idea in an All-Star Game, either. This had been in the works for a while. In fact, Cruz told the Orioles' Jonathan Schoop about his plan, as Schoop told MLB.com's Mandy Bell:

"Yeah he told me about it. I told him 'You can't. I bet you can't do it.' He said, 'Yeah I will,' and I said, 'You can't.' It was nice, fun moment."

As he explained:

"I tried to do it in 2013 once, too, but the first time I was like, 'If I get on base, I'm going to take a picture with the first baseman.' I popped up or something. The second time, I left my phone on the bench because I played defense and I got on base, walk, and I forgot my cell phone that time."

Francona is perhaps the funniest and most likable Major League manager in the game. So, his absence was a tremendous loss for both the American League and the fans as he recuperated at home following a heart procedure. Fortunately, Indians bench coach and acting manager Brad Mills made sure that Francona got to bring a very special message to the clubhouse:


 Beyond wearing the shiniest catching gear you may ever see, he used his sixth-inning at-bat to tie the game with a solo homer. Racing the bases with a wide smile on his face -- having to avoid Lindor along the way -- he then reached the dugout and did his own version of the Harper hair flip. Yes, the story of 2017 is the hair flip.


Bryce Harper had different ideas as he raced in and made a falling catch. Perhaps knowing that the cameras were carefully trained on him in the national spotlight, he punctuated the grab with an All-Star hair flip, too.




While you gasped at Aaron Judge's 513-foot Home Run Derby blast, a fan made an outstanding catch

main image

By Adrian Garro

Per Statcast, Judge's blast was launched off the bat at a speed of 116 mph and had a projected distance of 463 feet. Reaching the roof, though? That required a remarkable 41-degree launch angle. And then, of course, he did it during the Derby as well:

That's the kind of jaw-dropping power that would make fellow New York baseball icon and 1986 Home Run Derby co-winner Darryl Strawberry proud.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Yankees slugger Aaron Judge put on the spectacle of all spectacles in the T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Monday. Swing after swing, Judge sent a ton of baseballs into the stratosphere at Marlins Park en route to defeating the Twins' Miguel Sano in the final round and taking home the Derby crown

And in his second-round battle with the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger, well, Judge blasted a ball 513 feet to left field. Five. Hundred. And. Thirteen. Feet. It was unreal:


Judge's second-round takedown of Bellinger also included a 504-foot moonshot, as he was clearly in the zone on the night. Oh, and he also hit one that traveled 501 feet in the opening round, too. 

That obviously caused tons of oohs and aahs in the crowd and at home on TVs across the world, but anybody caught up in that moment's insanity might have missed this: A few pitches later, Judge hit one to left-center that landed to the left of the sculpture -- and right into the glove of this fan, who was briliantly positioned on the stairwell at precisely the right time:


When it was all said and done, Judge swatted 47 homers on the night(!) and put up the type of distance we all dream of seeing on our fitness trackers.


 In honor of the Home Run Derby, the first annual #judgecon popped up in New York City

main image

Photo: @jenzudony

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.


Sano's first homer of the finals matchup against Judge was a 447-foot moonshot to left-center field that descended just as lightning struck. It was quite visible through the clear back windows of Marlins Park, creating an apt metaphor for what he just did to the ball:

The atmosphere was apparently electric in more than ways than one on Monday night.







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Lonzo air ball
"Happy Summer 2017 Peeps!"
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View from inside the ISS at Night





 Funny GIF animation of an astronaut hurling thru space saying Erase My Browser History.... as he drifts away.





seahawks photo: seahawks.gif "I'll be right here 12s!"  

 Seahawks Moon, 12th man

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🙏🏼 V "Pray for the Troops, Pray for the World Always."  V 🙏🏼



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"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."
"Only the dead know the end to War."

"The care that comes only through cherishing through knowing loss."




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