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Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Seahawks

seahawks photo: Seahawks 3 Seahawks11.gif
" It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up." - Vince Lombardi
seahawks photo: seahawks.gif   

 The Seahawks raised their championship banner just before kickoff.




 " Were all we got, Were all we need."








Oops, I did it again!

I know,........ 
lol laughing ahaha laugh nicolas cage lol laughing ahaha laugh nicolas cage


 Look better?

wahlberg wtf what fuck the wahlberg wtf what fuck the






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 Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson #TackleEbola
Welcome Back #NBA

LeBron James and Michael Beasley and the Most Elaborate Handshake Routine





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I Really Miss Playing, I Miss you Guy's the Crowd !!


 I'll Be right here!,........... Original 16x20' I call it " Above the Clouds"

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 "Whether you pushed me or pulled me, drained me or fueled me, loved me or left me, hurt me or helped me, you are a part of my growth & no kidding, I "Thank You"!









Seattle Mariners         


 Fernando rodney

Fernando rodney @50flechas  

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#GOMariners #MLB @50flechas #CyberGift #Military #ISS #Seahawks Me☛ ♔


It's the last game of the season for Mariners' relief pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen so of course he was going to dance. Dancing is his thing, so why should Sunday be any different?

There's no throwing shade here, he owned it. Well done sir.

mariners: Get funky.


 Felix and The King’s Court. Mutual respect.
Felix and The King’s Court. Mutual respect.  



 Mariners win final game of the season, finish 87-75. RECAP

Mariners win final game of the season, finish 87-75. RECAP 


GIF: Felix Hernandez circle change superimposed over his fastball - same motion





stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.




LoMo ties it up. LoMo is PUMPED.

 mariners: LoMo ties it up. LoMo is PUMPED.



 The Fenway Park scoreboard gave The Captain some serious RE2PECT today.

 yankees: The Fenway Park scoreboard gave The Captain some serious RE2PECT today.


Joe Kelly will show this off for years to come.

 yankees: Joe Kelly will show this off for years to come. 


   Joe Kelly's Wife Made a Great Tweet During the Derek Jeter Farewell Ceremonies



Jeter's final tally now stands at 3,465 regular season hits, good for sixth all-time. Though that's ignoring his record 200 postseason hits. Dude could make contact like nobody's business. 

Hope you enjoy retirement, No. 2. We'll miss you. 







updated 7:17 AM PDT, Tue September 30, 2014

In the streets of Hong Kong

Watch this video

 Dispersed crowds slept in financial district

 Protesters demonstrated against Beijing's influence on the way the region is run. CNN's correspondents are on the ground reporting the rising tensions. FULL STORY 

Hong Kong leader: China in charge  Photos  Photos | Symbols of the protest

Another Tiananmen?  Another Tiananmen?  




Experts believe that ISIS may be using a tiny Spanish enclave to bring jihad to Europe. FULL STORY 

Syrian opposition leader: Military isn't enough  ISIS fighter: Airstrikes not effective

 Photos  Photos   Did he fund fighter?  U.S. intel vs. Obama  U.S. intel vs. Obama How did Obama misjudge ISIS?  CNN Poll 









 Week 4 in the #NFL


 Tom Brady's Horrific Interception Sums Up New England's Night [UPDATE]

Tom Brady intercepted by Kansas City

Is it officially time to panic about the state of the New England Patriots’ offense? Last week I highlighted how the Patriots were dead last in yards per play on offense. Brady just crossed 100 passing yards, near the end of the third quarter. He finally threw a touchdown, on a short pass and broken tackle by Brandon LaFell, but it came only after an interception that helped push it to a 27 point deficit.

The interception was the third turnover, after a couple of fumbles by Brady as well.

Tom Brady fumble against Kansas City


And this is not a repeat . . .

Tom Brady fumble against Kansas City #2


Brady was updated again in the 4th by Husain Abdullah who returned the pick for a touchdown.

Tom Brady interception against the Kansas City #2


Husain Abdullah Penalty for Praying Was Wrong, NFL Says

Ameer Abdullah praying after touchdown against the Patriots

Husain Abdullah, as you’re probably aware by now, was given an excessive celebration penalty for sliding into the endzone and bowing after his pick-six put Kansas City up 41-7 on New England Monday night. Putting aside the argument that nearly all touchdown celebrations should be permitted — and one could make the case for that — there are nuances in the rules to accommodate different religions.

“When you go to Mecca, you should be able to slide wherever you want,” said Andy Reid after the game, via the Kansas City Star. “We’ve got two priests in here. They’d probably vouch for me.”

Technically, the NFL rulebook penalizes the following offenses for taunting:

Individual players involved in prolonged or excessive celebrations. Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground. A celebration shall be deemed excessive or  prolonged if a player continues to celebrate after a warning from an official. Two-or-more players engage in prolonged, excessive, premeditated, or choreographed celebrations. 


Rob Gronkowski's disgusted spike


GIF: Rob Gronkowski's disgusted spike


It’s been a long night for Tom.

Tom Brady after second interception against Kansas City




 Bill Belichick's response to the QB evaluation question
GIF: Bill Belichick's response to the QB evaluation question



Tony Romo Hit Terrance Williams for Another TD as Dallas is Routing the Saints at the Half

Tony Romo touchdown pass against the Saints

Terrance Williams has scored two touchdowns, after this last second touchdown extended the Dallas lead to 24-0 at the half. Even more surprising is the big “0” on the other side of the scoreline. New Orleans has been unable to get any consistent offense going. Drew Brees only has 84 passing yards and has thrown an interception. Romo, meanwhile, has already thrown for over 200 yards against former Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s defense.

Tony Romo touchdown pass against the Saints-a




 Jerry Jones grinning 

GIF: Jerry Jones grinning



Saints try the worst fake punt at the worst possible time


The Saints thought they could try a little trickery to close out the game. It went as you might expect. OK, let's break this one down.

1) You have Drew Brees, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and yet you elect to have your punter try to throw the ball in a two score game.

2) You're down two scores. Everyone in the freakin' world knows you're going to try to fake this when there's five minutes left. Heck, the Cowboys knew it. They sat in coverage knowing you were going to try this Saints, and you still went for it.

3) The Cowboys had nine people in coverage. NINE. N-I-N-E. How exactly were these numbers going to work? A punter throwing into quintuple coverage is a good idea, we guess.


4) Why?

5) Seriously, why? 

 Cowboys punt hits AT&T Stadium's giant scoreboard, gives Saints good field position
Even if you have never been to the Dallas Cowboys' stadium, you are familiar with their gigantic scoreboard -- you know, the one that dwarved the court at the Final Four. Sunday night, it hurt the home team, as a punt by Chris Jones hit the monstrosity:


The punt was unable to follow its full trajectory and only travelled 33 yards and was not returned. The Saints quickly moved the ball 59 yards for a TD, and are now down only two scores.

 Colin Kaepernick takes a timeout, Jim Harbaugh is pissed when he realizes it
 GIF: Colin Kaepernick takes a timeout, Jim Harbaugh is pissed when he realizes it

Sensational effort on this Jeremy Maclin catch

Jeremy Maclin's One-Handed Catch Keeps Eagles Alive



 Sorry Shady, Nick Foles isn't getting run over to save this play
GIF: Sorry Shady, Nick Foles isn't getting run over to save this play  


This fantastic Frank Gore touchdown never should have worked

This is the kind of play that shouldn't have worked, but here we are. Throwing across your body is supposed to be an NFL no-no, and Frank Gore is getting old, so we're told.

Neither of those things were true on this play. 


Darren Sproles Mighty Mites an 82-Yard Punt Return Touchdown 

Darren Sproles received this Andy Lee punt, ducked a hit, and turned his jetpack on. The Eagles have gotten a substantial ROI on that fifth round draft pick they had to give up for the returner/running back, and are cruising thus far in San Francisco. It’s still relatively early, though.

Darren Sproles punt return against San Francisco

Michael Crabtree has his helmet removed on the fly
GIF: Michael Crabtree has his helmet removed on the fly 



Colin Kaepernick is talking to himself, inches from snapping  

GIF: Colin Kaepernick is talking to himself, inches from snapping (req @glengerman) 



 49ers give up touchdown on BUTTPUNT

Usually when you're punting you want to avoid punting the ball directly into a teammate's ass:


Close quarters are no fun for punters, nor linemen's butts, apparently. BUTTPUNT got the Eagles a touchdown, but it got the Niners a warm place in our hearts.


Johnson tumbles out of bounds, just keeps tumbling

If there weren't a wall there, Stevie Johnson would be in San Francisco Bay by now:




 Teddy Bridgewater likely hurt his ankle on this play

GIF: Teddy Bridgewater likely hurt his ankle on this play 


 Teddy Bridgewater Looked Awesome vs. Atlanta, Then Hurt His Ankle

Teddy Bridgewater is an escape artist against the Falcons-b

Teddy Bridgewater was having a brilliant first NFL start, carving up the Falcons with his feet and arm – 27 yards rushing and a TD; 317 yards passing – before suffering an ankle injury  midway through the 4th quarter and getting carted to the locker room. Bridgewater staked the Vikings a 27-14 lead before Atlanta stormed back to go up 28-27 in the third quarter.

And then Bridgewater led Minnesota downfield for the go-ahead TD – and 2-point conversion and the Vikings are up 38-28 with just over four minutes left. Minnesota has over 500 yards of total offense.

This was his signature moment, besides the touchdown run.

Teddy Bridgewater is an escape artist against the Falcons-a




GIF: Teddy Brigdewater runs for his first NFL TD after finding no open receivers 


Teddy Bridgewater's GUMP bracelet


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 Pat McAfee Was Very Pleased with His Onside Kick, Let the Colts Crowd Know

Pat McAfee onside kick against Tennessee

Pat McAfee and the Colts surprised the Titans with a rare onside kick in the 1st quarter holding a 7-0 lead.

It worked.

Then McAfee went to the sideline and let the crowd know he was happy they were happy.

Kickers, man.

The Colts scored on the drive following the kick to grab a 14-0 on Tennessee.

Pat McAfee waves to crowd after onside kick against Tennessee




Oh, Were You Looking For Alshon Jeffery? 

 Oh, Were You Looking For Alshon Jeffery?

Because he went the other way, sucka. Pretty play, and this game has had a few of them. Bears/Packers might be your best option right now, if you have access. Bears lead, 17-14.


 Aaron Rodgers celebrates Cobb TD by slapping line judge in the butt

GIF: Aaron Rodgers celebrates Cobb TD by slapping line judge in the ass (h/t @veritasmn84)


 Jay Cutler runs the fumblerooski on Green Bay

GIF: Jay Cutler runs the fumblerooski on Green Bay 

  Aaron Rodgers completes ridiculous touchdown pass that didn't count

 It didn't count, but jeez ... this is crazy.

We know Aaron Rodgers is really, really good at throwing a football, but this toss against the Bears is just insane.


Before we get carried away, this play was called back for a holding penalty on a rookie center -- but still. After dancing through the Bears defense, he hauls off an off-balance pass while getting drilled, and somehow it's perfectly placed 34 yards downfield into the hands of Davante Adams.

Just check out this throwing platform:



Brandon Marshall's Out Here Breaking Ankles

Brandon Marshall's Out Here Breaking Ankles



 Vincent Jackson Touchdown with :07 Left Leads Bucs Over Steelers in Pittsburgh

Vincent Jackson touchdown against Pittsburgh-a

Tampa Bay, which lost 56-14 last week in Atlanta, went into Pittsburgh Sunday and stunned the Steelers on a touchdown with :07 left, 27-24. Mike Glennon, the backup QB playing because starter Josh McCown is out with a hand injury, fired the game-winning pass to Vincent Jackson, completing a wild comeback to give Tampa its first win of the season.

The Bucs turned the ball over on downs at the Pittsburgh 14 with 1:49 left, and it appeared Pittsburgh would hold on for the victory. But the Steelers went conservative and couldn’t get a first down, and a terrible 29-yard punt left the door ajar for a comeback.

Glennon hit Louis Murphy – signed this week; six catches, 99 yards – for 41 yards, and a couple plays later, tossed the game-winner to Jackson. Pittsburgh fell to 2-2 on the season, a game behind 3-1 Baltimore and 1.5 games back of 3-0 Cincinnati in the AFC North.

Vincent Jackson touchdown against Pittsburgh-b

 Le'Veon Bell is fast, not fast enough for Lavonte David

The Buccaneers linebacker with a nice display of sideline-to-sideline speed to bring down the Steelers running back. 


This is why, partly, the Buccaneers are tied with the Steelers at 10-10, as improbable as it sounds. Also, running down Le'Veon Bell is no small feat.


Antonio Brown Scores, Turns Into Spinning Football

Antonio Brown Scores, Turns Into Spinning Football

Thanks to Antonio Brown, the Steelers tied the Buccaneers at 10 near the end of the first quarter. The receiver's celebration was inspired. 



 Matthew Stafford Has a Pretty Nasty Turf Burn on His Hand

Matthew Stafford turf burns

That’s not a butterfly tattoo on Matthew Stafford’s hand. It’s a pretty nasty and fresh turf burn. The Lions are also in the process of burning the Jets, so all is good here at the Big Lead.


 Matt Stafford, sliding into your DMs 

GIF: Matt Stafford, sliding into your DMs



The Bills now lead the Texans, 14-10.

 JJ Watt Picks Off EJ Manuel, Huffs and Puffs 80 Yards for Touchdown

J J Watt gets his long arms on a lot of passes as he rushes towards QB's, but somehow, he'd only deflected them, never actually picking one off for himself in a regular season game. That ended today, as Watt snagged a pass thrown by EJ Manuel and streaked all the way to paydirt:


JJ Watt is an absolute monster. You already knew this, but it bears repeating today. He doesn’t have any sacks yet today, but he’s been living in Buffalo’s backfield, hitting EJ Manuel six times. How long has it been since there’s been a non-quarterback as valuable as Watt? 

Sure, not a great pass by Manuel, but an incredible play by Watt to hold onto the ball cleanly. Someone called this a "fat guy touchdown." That is inaccurate, because JJ Watt is not fat, but rather inhumanly athletic.

This is Watt's second TD of his regular season career -- he snagged a receiving touchdown on a goal play earlier. He'd also picked off a pass in a playoff game, but not in the regular season.






 Did Texans OL Duane Brown Shove a Ref in this Skirmish Versus the Bills?

Duane Brown shoved a ref after an Andre Johnson fumble against the Bills

This skirmish happened after an Andre Johnson fumble in the second quarter of Bills-Texans. In it, Houston offensive tackle Duane Brown appears to inadvertently shove one of the officials. Brown received a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness, but was not ejected. 


 Lorenzo Taliaferro's TD dance

GIF: Lorenzo Taliaferro's TD dance



 Steve Smith Is Gutting And Sautéing And Eating The Panthers

Steve Smith Is Gutting And Sautéing And Eating The Panthers

We've had this Panthers-Ravens game circled ever since Steve Smith got released from Carolina, warned everyone to "put your goggles on because there is going to be blood and guts everywhere," and signed with the Ravens. It was worth the wait. 


 Steve Smith Catches Deflected Ball, Scores, Tells the Haters to Shhhh

Steve Smith touchdown against Carolina

Steve Smith was unceremoniously dumped by the Panthers after last season, and he made his old team pay early on this 61-yard touchdown reception. As this game grows older, keep an eye out for some chippiness.

Steve Smith takes a bow, tells the crowd shhhhh against Carolina


 Joe Flacco Fumbles Snap, Throws Another Touchdown to Steve Smith


Steve Smith caught his second touchdown today on another play which, by all rights, should have been busted. Smith was also probably interfered with, but his promise of blood and guts everywhere reigns supreme. He’s already notched five catches for 122 yards.



 The Oakland Raiders Showcasing Quality American Football With this Botched Snap for a Dolphins Touchdown

Raiders fumble snap and Miami scores-b

The Oakland Raiders, who were somehow in a close game in New England last week, have been putting on an embarrassing performance in London today. Derek Carr left with an injury with the team already down 31-7, and center Stefen Wisniewski launched this snap past Matt McGloin, where it was picked up by Cortland Finnegan in stride and returned all the way for a touchdown. Rough times in Oakland, and Dennis Allen is probably hanging on by a thread.

Raiders fumble snap and Miami scores-a











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Roger Goodell Wants To Meet With Charlie Strong To Discuss Discipline and Values, Per Report



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Trust is Hard to Earn

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In 1782, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

" I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His Justice cannot sleep forever." hmmm....

In 1838 Abraham Lincoln once said:

" At what point shall we expect the approach of danger?..... Answer; If it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongest us, It cannot come from abroad, If desruction be our lot, we must ourselves be it's author and finisher." 

In 1951 Harry Truman once said:

" I have the feeling that God has created us and brought us to our present position of power and strength for some great purpose." 


Sir Isaac Newton, scholar, mathematician and one of the greatest scientific mind's in human history, once said,

" In the absence of any other proof, the human thumb alone would convice me of God's existence." 


This Week in History, Sep 30 - Oct 6

Sep 30, 1954
USS Nautilus commissioned
Oct 01, 1890
Yosemite National Park established
Oct 02, 1985
Hollywood icon Rock Hudson dies of AIDS
Oct 03, 1995
O.J. Simpson acquitted
Oct 04, 1957
Sputnik launched
Oct 05, 1947
First presidential speech on TV
Oct 06, 1866
First U.S. train robbery


The History Channel

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"We can not escape history & neither can We escape a desire to understand it."...

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow, for what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."

 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

"There's no way to judge the future without looking at the past."

"History is who we are, and why we are the way we are."    photo ISS-1.gif




 animated space photo: Baseballer Baseballer2.gif


hmmmmmm, I forgot my key's.



NASA's #NextGiantLeap

 NASA / Via  



Apollo 16's Moon Buggy Cruising Along on The Moon



















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"We never really bury our dead, We take them with us, It's the prize of Living."
"They went not for Conquest and not for Gain, but Only to Protect the Anquished and Innocent." 
"There is no honorable way to Kill, no gentle way to Destroy, There is nothing good in War, Except it's Ending."

Our Military 12









~ "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,

the Moon and the Stars, which you

have set in place,

what is Man that you are mindful of him,

and the Son of Man that you care for him." ~

~ King David ~


"Pray for the Troops, Pray for the World!"


In 1782, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His Justice cannot sleep forever." hmmm....




"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."

"The care that comes only through cherishing through knowing loss."
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"And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest."
"And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulation worketh patience, and patience , experience, and experience hope."


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 Ok, before you start reading, check this video out. It's a rare video, by a band called "Mother love Bone" from here in Seattle WA. If Andrew Wood, Lead singer would not have died, there maybe never had been "Pearl Jam & Soundgarden" yep! watch see if you can name them?