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 Seattle Seahawks






October is the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of seven months with a length of 31 days. The eighth month in the old Roman calendar, October retained its name (from the Latin octô meaning "eight") after January and February were inserted into the calendar that had originally been created by the Romans.






Scott Kelly



NASA Education@NASAedu

Get to know —check out the new website!

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 @StationCDRKelly @space_station If we didn't exercise, we'd lose muscle. But we have good exercise equipment and nutrition studies to prevent that. 
 Mars Shows Strong Signs of Flowing Water, Researchers Say





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 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse: Complete Blood Moon Coverage

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hmmmmmm,.......... I forgot my key's.












Your Night Sky Stargazing Guide



New Pics Show Pluto's Largest Moon Is Sort of Funky Looking

By Evan Dashevsky  October 2, 2015 05:24pm EST


I'm not sure what mental image you had when visualizing what Charon, Pluto's largest moon, looked like, but it probably wasn't an imploding Death Star with a huge friggin' welt on its head. But that's exactly what NASA's New Horizons probe found spinning around everyone's favorite once-upon-a-planet.

 The latest high-res photo was taken just before New Horizon's closest approach to the Plutonian system back in mid-July. Charon is only 754 miles across (for a point of comparison, that's roughly the distance between New York City and Charleston, South Carolina) and the latest enhanced-color image shows a frozen world with near-boundless variety and beauty.

"We thought the probability of seeing such interesting features on this satellite of a world at the far edge of our solar system was low," Ross Beyer, an affiliate of the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics and Imaging (GGI) team, wrote in a NASA blog post, "but I couldn't be more delighted with what we see."


Scientists didn't know what they would find when New Horizons

One of the most startling things in the photo is a geological feature that spans the equator and makes it appear as if the moon was almost split in half. According to researchers, this great canyon system stretches more than 1,000 miles across the entire face of the moon and likely onto its far side (though unconfirmed). The feature is four times as long as the Grand Canyon and twice as deep in places.

More startling, the images show that the planes to the south of the canyons are noticeably smoother and younger, which hints at a particularly violent resurfacing event that encapsulated nearly half the moon.

And the moon's polar region has a large red splotch, which is not dissimilar in hue to Pluto's vast red planes. The exact nature of these regions is not yet understood.

NASA is still waiting on even higher-resolution images of Charon as well as additional composition data, which is still stored on New Horizon's digital recorders and will make their way to Earth piecemeal over the next year.

"I predict Charon's story will become even more amazing!" said mission Project Scientist Hal Weaver, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.

Until then, check out some stunning shots from New Horizons's journey to Pluto in the slideshow above.






Galileo’s drawings of the moon, 1610. Illustrators have been copying ever since.


 Galileo Galilei, was an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all time. His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations and support for heliocentrism. Galileo has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy", and the "father of modern physics", and "the father of modern science".








 Discovery Space@Discovery_Space

An EPIC View of the Moon in Earth's Orbital Embrace by

nasa animated GIF
 "I'll be right here 12s!"
 Seahawks Moon, 12th man







 Seattle Seahawks  SEA  24 - 27 CIN  Cincinnati Bengals 


Carroll: "It's a very tough loss. And we all share in it."

Seattle Seahawks

Coach spoke to the media after today's game in Cincinnati. VIDEO []

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Seattle Seahawks

Seattle SeahawksVerified account @Seahawks

QB postgame interview. VIDEO []

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  Wilson on his o-line today: "I wouldn't want to play with anybody else up front. Those guys fight."

"They are good, possibly great, and the biggest reason why is Dalton."


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Neil deGrasse Tyson


 @Bengals winning OT field goal was likely enabled by a 1/3-in deflection to the right, caused by Earth’s Rotation.

 Mike Nugent DOINK field goal still goes in. Wins it in overtime over the Seahawks.



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Michael Bennett forces the fumble, Bobby Wagner scoops it up and takes it in for the touchdown

Michael Bennett Got Penalized for Giving Andy Dalton the Business After an Interception

Andy Dalton picked off by Earl Thomas

Andy Dalton threw an interception in the red zone (a theme today–waves at Sam Bradford) trying to get the ball to A.J. Green. Earl Thomas’ big return was called back because Michael Bennett decided to make sure Andy Dalton would not have any chance to get a tackle.

Andy Dalton hit late by Seattle


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Thomas Rawls



Despite the loss, Thomas Rawls proved to be a very competent replacement for Marshawn Lynch.

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Thomas Rawls 69-Yard Touchdown Run: The Bengals Are Who We Thought They Were

Thomas Rawls TD run against Bengals

Cincinnati was undefeated, playing at home, and favored against Seattle coming off Monday Night Football. The Seahawks gave up an easy touchdown on Cincinnati’s first drive of the day.

And it’s been all Seahawks since. Here’s Thomas Rawls, the 3rd string running back, breaking three tackles en route to a 69-yard touchdown run. Seattle’s up, 17-7, and Cincinnati … well, let’s see what Andy Dalton has.


Thomas Rawls TD run against Bengals


Russell Wilson with the floater



Earl Thomas with the interception, but a Michael Bennett penalty after the pick brings it back



 Russell Wilson finds a wide open Jermaine Kearse for the touchdown



Stephen Cohen

Stephen CohenVerified account @scohenPI

Jermaine Kearse averaging 15.2 yards per catch in 2015.





Jon Ryan@JonRyan9

Jon Ryan Retweeted NFL Network

NFL Network

Here's 's stats as an NFL "football player" 0 games played 0 catches for 0 yards. Oh and 0 fg attempts

"Yes kickers are people too, but they're not football players." -

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WEEK 5 in the #NFL WOW!!!!



FINAL Oct 11

San Francisco 49ers SF 27 - 30 NYG New York Giants 


Odell Beckham's ludicrous pregame catch routine is still the best part of Giants' games

Odell Beckham is capable of making some unbelievable catches. Sports fans know that very well. From stunning catches in games like this or this to legendary pregame displays of skill like this, this and this. Odell Beckham is capable of making very good catches. We all know it, yet it doesn't get any less impressive.

Take this display prior to Sunday Night Football:

 If there is a more majestic pregame routine, we haven't seen it. The NFL should abandon the Pro Bowl and just let Beckham make absurd catches for three hours.


 Larry Donnell with an incredible catch holding onto the ball in the back of the end zone.

Odell Beckham Jr. 17 yard touchdown with Victor Cruz salsa dance.
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Vance McDonald might want to stretch out a bit more.
Denver Broncos DEN 16 - 10  OAK Oakland Raiders 
Raiders OL turns into a 315-pound receiver after hauling in deflected pass

Donald Penn is a 6'4, 315-pound offensive tackle, but based on how he reacted to hauling in this pass, it seems like he's played some wide receiver at some point. The awareness, the hands, the stiff arm, all from an offensive lineman.

The Broncos defenders were very fortunate Malik Jackson hauled him down from behind because no one wanted to tackle down that train once it got moving. No one wants a piece of this:




New England Patriots  NE  30 - 6 DAL Dallas Cowboys 


 Julian Edelman didn't have a basketball, but he still crossed Mo Claiborne into oblivion

 Mo Claiborne, the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, has not been good in his short tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. He didn't help his cause on Sunday when Julian Edelman made him look absolutely ridiculous on this slant route.


Julian Edelman, Tom Brady bromance.


Julian Edelman 59 yard touchdown reception.





tom brady





 St. Louis Rams STL 10 - 24 GB Green Bay Packers


 Aaron Rodgers Throws 1st Interception at Home Since 2012

Aaron Rodgers first INT at Lambeau in 20 games against STL

Aaron Rodgers: Human. Probably? For the first time in 20 home games (that’s three years, and over 550 pass attempts), the Green Bay Packers QB has thrown an interception at home. Of course, it wasn’t totally on him – the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage and then James Laurinaitis made a diving interception.

Then Laurinaitis celebrated with the whip and the nene. The Rams are down 7-0 in Lambeau.

James Laurinatus INT dance after picking off Aaron Rodgers


 Todd Gurley Flipped Clay Matthews and Slammed Him Down as Matthews Tried to Leap Over Him

Todd Gurley flips Clay Matthews

In the first half, right before nick foles threw his pick-six, Clay Matthews went flying in on the blitz with abandon. Todd Gurley caught him mid-air and proceeded to slam him to the turf, WWE style. Gurley has continued to impress, with 64 hard yards against the Packers, plus a pretty good blitz pickup.

Aaron Rodgers is human, almost

Speaking of absurd passing records, one ended in Green Bay today as Rodgers' streak of 586 passes at home without an interception ended. Rodgers tossed two picks and lost a fumble, but in the end it didn't matter as the Packers improved to 5-0 on the year with a victory over the Rams.





Cleveland Browns  CLE  33 - 30 BAL Baltimore Ravens



Browns crazy TD catch against Ravens

Gary Barnidge, the Cleveland tight end, made a crazy juggling touchdown catch against the Ravens that will have to be a leader for Catch of the Year. It went off the hands of Barnidge and a Ravens defender, then off what looked like the legs of both players, and then the ball simply landed on the ankle of Barnidge, who gobbled it up for a miraculous touchdown.

The 2-point conversion failed, but Cleveland leaders Baltimore, 22-21 in the 4th quarter.

Browns crazy TD catch against Ravens

 Move over, Mark Sanchez, there's a new butt in town. Gary Barnidge just scored the coveted, mystical BUTT CATCH.

This is one of the most incredible catches you will ever see. Barnidge leaped for the ball and it somehow became lodged between his legs. Instead of freaking out he clenched those iron thighs, kept possession and grabbed it with his hands for the touchdown.

HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?! You can watch this on loop forever and have no idea.




 Washington Redskins WAS 19 - 25 ATL Atlanta Falcons


 Devonta Freeman's Potential Touchdown Catch Overturned, So He Just Scored Another One

Atlanta TD reversed against Washington

The NFL’s catch rule continues to not be grounded in reality. Freeman caught the ball while taking two steps and then being tackled to the ground at the goal line. It was at that point that he lost the ball. The potential game-winner was reversed on review under the always-frustrating NFL catch ruling.

That brought up a 4th and 2, but Atlanta converted and then Freeman scored again a play after that to give Atlanta the lead. Washington then tied it with a field goal drive to send it to overtime.

Devonta Freeman TD against Washington


Washington defensive coordinator Joe Barry is ALL IN.

 He dove to the ground in a minor meltdown as he watched the Falcons recover their own fumble and score. Just look at him.


 Kirk Cousins kills Washington with walk-off pick-six

 This is what heartbreak looks like. This is manifest destiny. This is the universe predicting and righting itself. Kirk Cousins has been pretty good all day against Atlanta -- except for this play. The pressure got to the Washington quarterback, he threw it without thinking and he paid for it.




Arizona Cardinals ARI 42 - 17 DE Detroit Lions
Golden Tate Flipped Tyrann Mathieu While Mathieu was Leaping to Attempt an INT

Golden Tate flips Tyrann Mathieu

Golden Tate broke up the double play with a hard slide, err, flipped Tyrann Mathieu as the pass was beyond Tate, but as Mathieu started to leap to make the attempt.

Golden Tate flips Tyrann Mathieu

Cardinals receiver John Brown has the NFL’s best touchdown celebration this season


 As good as a receiver John Brown has been for the Arizona Cardinals this season, he's an even better dancer. We learned that last year as he gyrated all over the place after a ridiculous touchdown, and he's reminding football fans about his mad skills this season too.






 Chicago Bears CHI  18 - 17  KC Kansas City Chiefs


 Jay Cutler Dropped the Snap, Still Threw Game-Winning Touchdown Pass vs Chiefs

Jay Cutler TD against Chiefs

Jay Cutler, for the second straight week, led the Chicago Bears on a game-winning drive, so please halt all that “fire sale” chatter. Cutler led the Bears 67 yards in just 1:46 for the go-ahead touchdown and underdog Chicago shocked the Chiefs on the road, 18-17.

On the game-winning play, Cutler dropped the snap, quickly picked it up, and then hit matt forte in the end zone to push Chicago’s record to 2-3 headed into a big rivalry game next week against Detroit.

Kansas City, despite an impressive season-opening win

Jay Cutler TD against Chiefs


Jamaal Charles Went Down Clutching His Right Leg after Non-Contact Injury

Jamaal Charles knee injury

Uh oh. Jamaal Charles, who has been one of the best running backs in football, and previously missed most of the 2011 season with a knee injury, went down without contact on a carry this afternoon. He was helped off the field. We’ll update when more information is available.


UPDATE: Preliminary reports are a torn ACL

Adam Schefter


Chiefs HC Andy Reid said the preliminary reports are that Jamaal Charles tore his ACL.

The Chiefs' rough day ended on a sour note in an 18-17 loss to the Bears, courtesy of a Jay Cutler TD pass in the last 30 seconds -- fumbled snap and all.

 To add even more salt to that wound -- yes, it is possible -- Kansas City had three three-and-outs in the fourth quarter. Alex Smith attempted to advance the squad all three times, which then resulted in three incomplete passes.




New Orleans Saints NO 17 - 39 PHI Philadelphia Eagles


 Sean Payton and Rob Ryan ... Had a Disagreement

Sean Payton and Rob Ryan arguing maybe

Sean Payton and his defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, seemed to have something of a disagreement in the 3rd quarter against the Eagles. Philadelphia was at the 1-yard line, the Saints seemed unsure of what they wanted to do defensively, and burned a timeout. Sean Payton came over to ask Rob Ryan what was going on.

Any lip readers out there?

The Eagles scored on the play after the timeout, and have scored again to grab a 23-10 lead.




Jacksonville Jaguars JAX  31 - 38 TB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
View image on Twitter

Following his 4 TD day, @BBortles5 addresses the media. WATCH LIVE: 

Buffalo Bills BUF 14 - 13 TENTennessee Titans
Marcus Mariota looks like a guy on trial for something awful. To be honest, he basically is. Otherwise, a nice choice on the suit. Now get some sleep, dude.
View image on Twitter

QB Marcus Mariota: "You've got to take your lumps and bruises and learn from them."

Week 5 Start #TNF Thursday Night Football

Matt Hasselbeck What a Performance, from one of the "Good Guy's" Beating The Texans

What Matt Hasselbeck did was undeniably impressive: overcoming oldness and a “bacterial infection” that hospitalized him earlier this week to lead the Colts to a 27-20 win over the Texans, Indy’s second straight win over a divisional opponent without the services of Andrew Luck. But the Colts appear to be declaring it.

from head coach Chuck Pagano:

“He was literally on his deathbed Monday/Tuesday and mustered up enough to come in Wednesday and practice,” Pagano said. “He was getting IVs and fighting a virus and the grittiest performance I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

On his deathbed! Literally!

“He didn’t look good, man,” teammate Joe Reitz said. “He was sitting there like a zombie.”

“Looked like warmed-over death,” added Vinatieri. 


 Matt Hasselbeck Dedicates Game Ball to Fallen Cancer Victim

Matthew Hasselbeck

Matthew HasselbeckVerified account @Hasselbeck

This game ball is in honor of Michelle Bair who lost her battle with cancer today.

Embedded image permalink

Matt Hasselbeck was efficient and effective last night as the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans, 27-20. The 40-year-0ld backup, who spent Monday night in a hospital with what he called a bacterial infection, completed 18 of 29 passes for 213 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

“I feel like this isn’t even real right now,” said a visibly drained Hasselbeck during an interview after the game. “I got nothing left. It’s been an emotional day.”

Emotion continued to run high an hour or so after the victory, when Hasselbeck sent out a tweet dedicated a game ball to Michelle Bair, a cancer patient who has succumbed to the disease earlier in the day.



Ryan Mallett is Stunned and Sad About Not Being Put Back in the Game

Ryan Mallett may cry against Colts

Ryan Mallett got up slowly following a late hit penalty that kept a Texans drive going. Brian Hoyer came off the bench in the musical chairs that is the Houston QB situation. Mallett was ready to go back in the game a few plays later, but got ignored as he paced around on the sideline, looking stunned and sad and holding back a tear or two. That is the look of a man coming to the slow realization that he just might have gotten replaced again.

Meanwhile, Arian Foster left the game with concerns about a potential concussion, but simply put himself back in the game and waved off the sideline. That seems like it could be an issue later.


 Bill O'Brien asks 'WHY DID YOU THROW THAT' about Brian Hoyer's horrendous interception

You know how you feel when your quarterback makes the wrong throw in Madden?



The Houston Texans' QB situation has been a bit of a mess, but at least they have the Hail Mary part down.

It also helps that Jaelen Strong put himself in the perfect position for this Brian Hoyer pass.








 Mariners M-mojis #GOMariners




Thank You Mariners, was'nt the Best Season! But your My Seattle Mariners! #TrueToTheBlue 


Cano’s 21st homer of the season left in a hurry.

mariners: Cano’s 21st homer of the season left in a hurry.


Miller sends one deep!

Miller sends one deep!


Goodbye, baseball! #KyleSeager's 3-run jack to right-center puts the back on top. It's 5-3 in the 5th.

mariners: Left side! Strong side!



just because, it's Edgar Martinez 







 Updated 7:48 AM ET, Mon October 12, 2015

Putin: Russian airstrikes in Syria aimed at helping al-Assad regime

Why is Russia in Syria?



U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups





Updated 7:07 AM PT, Sun October 11, 2015

Iran test-fires new generation long-range ballistic missiles, state media report

(CNN)Iran has successfully test-fired a new long-range surface-to-surface missile, state-run IRNA reported on Sunday.

The Emad (Pillar) missile, designed and built by Iranian experts, is the country's first long-range missile that can be precision-guided until it reaches its target, said Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan, Iran's defense minister.

"To follow our defense programs, we don't ask permission from anyone," he said, according to IRNA.

The new rocket is "capable of scrutinizing the targets and destroying them completely," IRNA reported.

READ MORE: Iran touts launch of new missiles



 New York Mets NYM   -  LAD  Los Angeles Dodgers




Ruben Tejada Carted Off Field With Broken Leg After Brutal Takeout Slide From Chase Utley

In the watershed moment of the playoffs, Chase Utley made a hard slide, not even attempting to touch second base, into Ruben Tejada as he spun off of second to turn toward the double play. Ruben Tejada has suffered a broken leg as a result of the slide.

To add insult to literal injury, the out call on Utley was overturned on review even though it’s questionable as to whether a “neighborhood” play is reviewable, and Utley was allowed to return to the game even though he made no attempt to get the bag and never touched second base. He then scored the go-ahead run on Adrian Gonzalez’ double that put the Dodgers in the lead for good.

Expect plenty more on this tomorrow. It was a dirty play, that caused a serious injury, and somehow was then allowed to alter the course of the game.

Asked if it was a clean play, Wright responded: “You can ask him. He’s a second baseman. If he wants guys sliding like that into him, then it’s perfectly fine. He knows how to play the game. If he doesn’t mind guys coming in like that when he’s turning a double play, then we don’t have any problem with it. It’s a legal slide. It’s within the rules. But somebody is going to get hurt. So I guess that’s a better question for him.

“Chase, he plays the game hard. He plays the game passionately. But there’s a thin line between going out there and playing the game hard and going out there trying to get somebody hurt. That’s a thin line. Nobody is going to push us around. We’re going to have our teammate’s back. I think cooler heads prevailed, but we’ve got to let them know that over on our side we didn’t appreciate it and that we’re going to go out there and have our teammates’ backs. I think our bench let him know. As far as I’m concerned, it’s done. We move on. We’ll reevaluate the way we go into second base.”

Dodgers beat Mets, tie NLDS after controversial collision

Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada broke his right leg when a takeout slide by Chase Utley flipped the shortstop during a four-run rally in the seventh inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat New York 5-2 Saturday night to tie their NL Division Series at one game apiece.

Sports Associated Press Get the app

This also used to be hard-nosed baseball:

hal mcrae


 Update (12:18 a.m.):

Joel Sherman @Joelsherman1

Tejada fractured right fibula


In NLDS Game 2, Noah Syndergaard retired his fair share of batters … and Travis d'Arnaud's glove

main image

By Gemma Kaneko |

Question: What do the moon and Travis d'Arnaud have in common?

Answer: They're both constantly being bombarded by meteorites, except some come from space and others are courtesy of Noah Syndergaard's arm. Both have to brace themselves for impact:


Yes, the moon has a face and it looks like d'Arnaud's when he's receiving a 101 mph fastball. And just like the surface of the moon, d'Arnaud's glove was showing some damage. So, after the first out in the third inning of NLDS Game 2 and yet another 90+ mph pitch, d'Arnaud had to get a new one:


Our favorite celestial body has to suck it up, though. Can't really get a new one of those. 




LaQuan McGowan, 410-Pound Baylor Tight End, Caught a Touchdown

LaQuan McGowan - Baylor big guy TD against Kansas

LaQuan McGowan, the 410-pound Baylor tight end, has hauled in the second touchdown catch of his career. Quarterback Seth Russell found him streaking through the Kansas defense for an 18-yard score. No Jayhawks defender seemed particularly interested in making a tackle.

Wonder why.

LaQuan McGowan - Baylor big guy TD against Kansas

Big is beautiful.


Breaking News

Updated 7:37 AM PT, Sat October 10, 2015

Bomb explodes near train station
(CNN)Two powerful bombs exploded near the main train station in Ankara on Saturday morning, killing at least 30 people and injuring nearly 130 others, making it the deadliest attack in the Turkish capital in recent memory.

The explosion, which caused chaos and bloodshed, took place during a peace march. It also came before national elections scheduled for November 1.






FINAL G1: NYM leads 1-0

New York Mets NYM  3 -1  LAD  Los Angeles Dodgers

Jacob deGrom revels in his NLDS Game 1 victory by pranking Daniel Murphy



 Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers reacts in the dugout after being taken out in the seventh inning against the Mets in Game 1 of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers' Kershaw wilts again in postseason

Los Angeles Times
Embedded image permalink
 Clayton Kershaw and Jacob deGrom team up to make batters feel bad, combine to strike out 24




FINAL G1: STL leads 1-0
Chicago Cubs CHC  0 - 4  STL  St. Louis Cardinals 
 Kolten Wong doubled, celebrated by showing off his trendy dance moves


Clearly he's in the process of putting together his own music video, because he pulled out the Nae Nae at least once earlier in the season:


 In order to finally rid the Windy City of the Curse of the Billy Goat, he kicked an actual goat out of the studio:

The curse safely defeated, Colbert was even confident enough to print out his very own goat-themed "Cubs World Champions" t-shirt -- the perfect gift for the fan who already has Jake Arrieta shaved into his head.


FINAL G2: Series tied 1-1
Houston Astros HOU  4 - 5 KC  Kansas City Royals 
 Game 2 of the Astros-Royals ALDS was just one big dance party

Just watch Johnny Cueto get things started with his signature shimmy:


That's not even close to all the dancing that happened. After Colby Rasmus hit a solo home run in the top of the third inning, the visitor's dugout immediately turned into Club Astros:






Updated 7:07 AM PT, Fri October 9, 2015

U.S. suspending program to arm Syrian rebels

Refugee crisis, ISIS recruiting among growing concerns

Washington (CNN)The U.S. is going to modify its faltering Syrian rebel training program, U.S. officials said Friday.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said during a news conference in London that the U.S. "remains committed" to training forces in Syria against ISIS, but is looking for ways to "improve" the program.

"I was not satisfied with the early efforts in that regard, and so we are looking at different ways to achieve the same strategic objectives, which is the right one, which is to enable capable motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from ISIL and reclaim Syrian territory from extremism so we have devised a number of different approaches to that going forward," Carter said.

He added that the president would be talking about it on Friday. The New York Times first reported the move.

A U.S. official told CNN that the program is being suspended as the administration looks for other ways to support moderate opposition in Syria. But the U.S. backing for the rebels is not ending.

The U.S. will provide ammunition to Syria Arab Coalition, some 5,000 moderate rebels in the north, a defense official said Friday.

Commanders in the U.S. special operations community had been pressing for that decision for weeks, defense officials told CNN, after seeing them achieve success on the battlefield. Small numbers of the New Syrian Army also will continue to be supported as well.

Individuals in the SAC will be vetted through their leadership and given training and be given expertise in communications and intelligence support.

"We have devised a number of different approaches to that going forward, and taken them to President Obama and you will be hearing I think very shortly from him," Carter said Friday.



 1 dead, 3 injured in Ariz. univ. shooting

Northern Arizona University's Old Main building.

US Associated Press Get the app

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A shooting outside an Arizona university dormitory early Friday left one person dead, three others wounded and the suspected shooter in custody, a school official said.

The gunfire erupted in a parking lot at the Northern Arizona University, school public relations director Cindy Brown said.

The lot is just outside Mountainview Hall dormitory at the northeast side of the Flagstaff campus, she added.


 FINAL G1: HOU leads 1-0

 Houston Astros HOU  5 - 2 KCKansas City Royals 


G2: TEX leads 1-0 12:45 PM ET Oct 9

FINAL G1: TEX leads 1-0 

Texas RangersTEX 5 - 3 TORToronto Blue Jays



Breaking News

Updated 6:27 AM PT, Thurs October 8, 2015

Syrian advance follows day of naval bombardment by Russia



Dozens killed after airstrikes hit wedding




Chicago Cubs CHC  4 - 0  PITPittsburgh Pirates



Embedded image permalink



PITTSBURGH — The Pirates couldn't hit Jake Arrieta. So they may have, uh, hit him.

Pittsburgh reliever Tony Watson, in the top of the seventh inning in Wednesday's NL wild-card game, plunked the Cubs ace in the hip. It was almost certainly deliberate — Arrieta had hit Josh Harrison in the previous inning, and he hit Francisco Cervelli earlier in the game— and, of course, that cleared the benches.


 All David Ross does is win championships. And take punches from Sean Rodriguez. #Cubs 



Andrew McCutchen's mom sang the national anthem before the NL Wild Card Game again

main image

Petrina McCutchen has a heck of a singing voice and has lent her talent to the Pirates, for whom she's performed the national anthem a bunch of times, including prior to that 2013 Wild Card Game victory:


Jonathan Herrera wore a helmet with disembodied hands on it in the Cubs dugout



Young Pirates fan shows off skills behind home plate, wants to be 'just like Andrew McCutchen'


The adorable mini-Soria is named Tucker, and he told an reporter that he wants to be "just like Andrew McCutchen!"


Kris Bryant shows that his glove is nearly as strong as his bat and as sharp as his cheekbones







Updated 6:17 AM PT, Wed October 7, 2015 

International probe into U.S. strike?

Doctors Without Borders: 'Today we say, 'Enough''

 War in Syria



Houston Astros HOU 3 - 0 NYYNew York Yankees 


 Astros Three-Hit The Yankees To Advance To ALDS




Embedded image permalink


October baseball is all about This is

Embedded image permalink


Billy Crystal was not really feeling the strike zone during the AL Wild Card Game


It's got to be great to be famous and beloved, right? When you're a celebrity, people are probably extra nice to you. They probably bend over backwards to make you happy, just because they want to be your plus one the next time you host the Oscars (which you do in cycles, like an awards show Halley's Comet).

If you can't tell, I'm specifically referring to Billy Crystal, a celebrity who we can all agree seems to be having a lot of fun. But there are some forces of the world that just aren't all that impressed with fame. Here's a partial list: Gravity, electromagnetism and MLB umpires.


Astros defense uses the Force to support Dallas Keuchel in AL Wild Card win

main image



In the next inning, Greg Bird came up with one out and no one on. He hit a soft fly ball to shallow center field, but Carlos Gomez was ready. Strapping his rocket boosters on, Gomez reached a Statcast™-estimated top speed of 17.8 mph and traveled 68 feet to make the grab. 

No easy hits were to be found.

And then in the bottom of the sixth, with Keuchel perhaps starting to tire, Chris Young came to the plate with a runner on first and one out. Still trailing by just two runs, the Yankees may have reached their best chance to get back in the game. 

Swinging at Keuchel's 2-0 offering, Young grounded the ball up the middle for a sure single -- or so he probably thought. Instead, Carlos Correa raced over and made a smooth grab before making a sharp flip to Jose Altuve for the out. 



Watch Colby Rasmus hit (and bat flip) the first home run of the postseason

On Tuesday, Oct. 6 -- in the top of the second inning of the AL Wild Card Game presented by Budweiser -- Astros outfielder Colby Rasmus officially got October underway, taking the first pitch of the frame to very-deep right field:


That's the very first dinger of the 2015 postseason, and Rasmus made sure to mark the occasion appropriately:





 Houston x Flat Eric 



Breaking News
Updated 6:07 AM PT, Tue October 6, 2015
Dams breached in South Carolina

Thank You #MLB


Guy gets 'Congrats on the batting title!' texts, realizes he has Dee Gordon's old cell number

main image

 By Chris Landers |

Getting a text from an unknown number is one of the 21st century's universal experiences. (You know, assuming you haven't gone off the grid, Daniel Norris-style.) Usually, though, those texts don't involve ... congratulations on your recent batting title, like the ones Joe Adel suddenly started getting on Monday.

Now, Adel's a pretty good baseball player in his own right -- he's a pitcher at the University of South Florida -- but still, something was up. And it didn't take long for Adel to realize what had happened: Apparently, he was the owner of newly crowned National League batting champion Dee Gordon's old cellphone number:

Joe Adel

I think I have your old cell phone # n people are giving you love and your not receiving it. Congrats man

Embedded image permalink



Kawasaki is the BEST!! Just saw him in Starbucks and he put his name down as Michael...and I said Michael?! He said yes Michael Jordan



 Bird pigeon




Updated 6:17 AM PT, Mon October 5, 2015 

It's not over yet

At least 6 people dead in South Carolina's '1,000-year' rain

Celebrate Clayton Kershaw's 300 strikeouts with some of his best from this season






After the Rangers won the AL West, we interpret the fan celebrations

main image

 By Michael Clair |

On July 29, the Rangers were 48-52 and had a five percent chance of reaching the postseason. They could have packed up and looked forward to timeshares in Key West and maybe get a jump on their holiday shopping.

Instead, the team traded for Cole Hamels and Mike Napoli and watched as Adrian Beltre, Shin-Soo Choo and Rougned Odor got hot to push the team into first place.

With a one-game lead going into the final game of the season, the team sent its new ace to the mound and he stymied the Angels with a complete game, giving up only two runs on three hits en route to the Rangers' 9-2 victory. And when David Freese grounded out to end the game -- perhaps exorcising some demons left over from the 2011 World Series along the way -- the Rangers celebration began. 



And the AL West champions banner was raised: 


But the celebration that needs our analysis was in the stands, where the fans were stationed and ready to party. And since no one was interviewing them, we couldn't find out what exactly their frenzied hand motions meant. Fortunately, I'm trained as a fan celebration interpreter (unlike this guy) and know exactly what they were trying to say. 


What was this friendly fellow saying? Goodbye Angels? Get out of the way? 

Nope! He was simply helping out with parking. You see, that wave is the classic parking attendants signal for, "Hey! Your car! Yes, your car! You're blocking me in. You gotta move it THAT way! Yeah,well, same to you, pal! Bye!" 


Now maybe you think this is just a group of fans having a good time. But once again, that's where you need an interpreter.

Focus on the woman in white wearing a cowboy hat. Sure, you may think that she's saying "We're number one!" but actually, as judging by the angle of her index finger, she's actually saying, "Whoa! Cameraman, look behind you! Aliens! Aliens are landing on the field and you are the only hope of capturing this 100 percent verifiable proof of the existence of ETs and -- oh no, they're gone!"

It's a real shame we don't have this footage. Would really kind of kill the buzz around the new X-Files series. 

And then finally, we have this intrepid group of pallbearers for the living. 




Watch Ichiro take the mound for the Marlins and finally fulfill his dream of pitching in an MLB game

Is there anything that Ichiro Suzuki can't do? Since bringing his talents to MLB in 2001, Ichiro has made a name for himself running (498 career steals), fielding (10 Gold Glove Awards), throwing (116 outfield assists) and hitting (2,935 hits).


Apparently he could have been pitching that whole time, too. In early 2014 -- when Ichiro was still with the Yankees -- the longtime outfielder told the New York Times that he was more than ready to pitch if his team needed him. In fact, throwing in an MLB game was one of his career goals:

"I would be happy to help if they need me," he said, his eyes brightening at the prospect of it. Suzuki pitched to one batter in the 1996 Japan All-Star Game, and with his free-and-easy delivery, he induced a ground ball for an out from a pitcher. Suzuki has two strong pitches. "Fastball and slider," he said with pride. "But like all Japanese pitchers, the splitter is my bread and butter."

Well, Ichiro finally got his shot when the Marlins called upon their veteran outfielder for the eighth inning of Game 162 against the Phillies and Ichiro answered, hitting 88 mph on the gun and mixing in some nasty breaking stuff. He surrendered just one run on two hits in his first career MLB pitching appearance.


Rookie outfielder Odubel Herrera led off the frame with a double to right field. Herrera later scored on a Darnell Sweeney double, but Ichiro's inning was otherwise clean as he got Cameron Rupp to fly out, induced a groundout from Freddy Galvis and retired Aaron Altherr on a fly ball to end the inning.

All in all, not bad for his first time out. Ichiro agrees, more or less:




Updated 6:07 AM PT, Sun October 4, 2015

 'Catastrophic' flooding expected

Four dead as rain drenches the East Coast


Unstoppable force vs. immovable object: Comparing Max Scherzer's two epic no-hitters

main image

Back on June 20, Max Scherzer set the baseball world (and purveyors of chocolate syrup everywhere) on fire with a dominant no-hitter against the Pirates. (He would've gotten away with a perfect game, too, if it weren't for one meddling elbow pad.)

It was the sort of moment that would mark the high point in just about anybody's season. Scherzer, however, isn't just anybody, but is instead a fire-breathing dragon bent on the destruction of batters everywhere. Not only was that no-no arguably not even the best start of his week, but Mad Max went and outdid himself again on Saturday night, no-hitting the Mets while racking up a career-high 17 K's. 

Scherzer Ks

It's not often that one pitcher puts together two starts that great in one season, so to commemorate the occasion we decided to go to the highly subjective tale of the tape and see which was more historically awesome:

Game Score

Lucky for us, there's a handy way put a number on Scherzer's nastiness: Bill James' game score stat. Since 1914, only 12 players had ever eclipsed the 100 mark in a nine-inning game (including Scherzer back on June 14, because of course), and only Nolan Ryan had done it twice. That is, until Saturday -- Scherzer's performance in Queens registered a remarkable 104 (!), the second-highest score in history behind Kerry Wood's 20-strikeout gem back in 1998.

Scherzer's no-hitter against the Pirates, while still amazing, "only" clocked in at 97. What a slacker.

So, so many strikeouts

Surprise: Both no-hitters included a whole bunch of whiffs. Again, though, Saturday's performance has just a slight edge, simply because at one point Scherzer seemed like he might never stop striking people out. Not only did he fan every starting position player, but he sat down nine straight batters. No, seriously. We have the video to prove it:

The nine straight strikeouts were just one shy of Tom Seaver's big league record. Sorry, no-hitter number one -- 10 K's ain't bad, but it's got nothing on that.

Almost perfect

Look, no one's complaining about a no-hitter -- let alone two. But man, what could've been. In June, Scherzer was one out away from a perfect game, until this happened:

Tabata HBP

And, because the Baseball Gods have 1) no mercy and 2) very, very long memories, Scherzer's second perfecto bid ended like so: 

Escobar error

In case you're wondering, yes, that is as rare as you'd think -- Scherzer is the first pitcher in baseball history to record two no-hitters without a walk in the same season. 

The celebrations

The festivities after the final out back in June were the Platonic Ideal of the baseball celebration. There were elaborate handshakes:

Scherzer handshake

There was the requisite sports drink dumping:

Scherzer Gatorade

There was, uh, whatever the heck this is:

Human turtle

The celebration on Saturday night was a little more muted, but rest assured, there was still plenty of partying:

Scherzer pumped

Scherzer mob

Despite the drop-off in celebratory technique, however, the overall tally has to go to Saturday's no-hitter. (You read the part about nine straight strikeouts, right?) But the real takeaway is this: The nation should not be forced to go six months without watching this man pitch.




Jerry Seinfeld stopped by the Mets broadcast booth to make fun of Keith Hernandez's mustache


Seinfeld: Do they mind that you're not using the [Just for Men] stuff, now? Because, clearly, you're not usin' it.

Hernandez: That's a point. They haven't called me yet, but they do watch. 

Seinfeld: Well, I don't know how big the deal is, but judging from the way you're handling it, it's not that big a deal. I used to like their old slogan, "looks so natural, no one can tell." Ev-er-y-one can tell.






Verne Puttin On A Chinstrap, Woo Nelly!




Updated 6:00 AM PT, Sat October 3, 2015

 'Our lives are shattered beyond repair'

9 victims mourned: 'I don't know if I can ever relieve this pain'


Three dead at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike

The U.S. military on Saturday acknowledged it could have been responsible for an air strike that hit a hospital run by medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres in the Afghan city of Kunduz, killing at least three people and leaving more than 30 missing.

Breaking News
Updated 6:07 AM PT, Fri October 2, 2015
'We've become numb to this'




11 killed when U.S. C-130 plane crashes in eastern Afghanistan



10,000 to the postseason: Yankees celebrate milestone win with bear hugs, dancing

First, Dellin Betances finished things off on the field in vintage Dellin Betances fashion:


Spray it, don’t say it.

Embedded image permalink


CC Sabathia was the victim of a mid-interview bath:

Which he then attempted to rub off on other teammates:


Andrew Miller suffered a similar fate:

As did John Ryan Murphy:

A-Rod was also feeling very hug-erific:


Chris Young

 Chris YoungVerified account @CY24_7

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Fan collects foul ball for significant other, gets rewarded with nice smooch-a-palooza

Do you know when it's a great night at a baseball game? When you catch a foul ball.

But do you know what makes it an even greater night? After you get that foul ball, you give it to your significant other sitting next to you and SMOOCHES!

Foul balls and kisses --- what more does one need in life?



A humble motion to use this Josh Hamilton sliding catch as the new definition of 'just joshing you'




Elvis Andrus knocks out Prince Fielder with his sweet dance moves



Updated 5:45 PM PT, Thu October 1, 2015

Breaking News



13 Reportedly Dead After Mass Shooting at Oregon Community College





Explain it to me: Why are Russian airstrikes in Syria such a big deal?

(CNN)Is Russia really targeting ISIS with airstrikes in Syria? Or is it doing something the U.S. considers more troubling?

Russia stunned the U.S. on Wednesday by giving it just a one-hour heads-up that it was going to pummel ISIS targets. U.S. aircraft should stay out of the way, it said.

The problem, analysts say, is that Russia doesn't seem to be pounding ISIS targets. Instead, they say Russia appears to be attacking rebels to help crush Syrian dissent and bolster Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Either way, Russia's new attacks can have big ramifications not just for the Syrian crisis, but for the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS.




Extreme weather




Business as usual: Cardinals celebrate yet another NL Central crown

stlcardinals: A 6-run lead, now that’s grand.

A 6-run lead, now that’s grand.


Embedded image permalink

After losing, 8-2, to the Pirates in the first game of a doubleheader on Wednesday afternoon, the Cardinals, one win away from a division title, would not be denied. The bats came out in full force in Game 2 and St. Louis flew to an 11-1 victory -- gaining their 100th victory of the season, their third straight NL Central crown and their ninth division title in the last 16 seasons.

Right after the last pitch, the team acted like it had been there before:

But then, once in the clubhouse and behind closed doors ... 


St. Louis Cardinals


NL Central Champs

Embedded image permalink



And it was on:

Even managers weren't safe from the madness:




When you act like you've got something to say, but really just douse the skipper in champagne. @Budweiser

Embedded image permalink



 And then everybody came in for a jazzy-hands group shot:

St. Louis will face off against the Braves in their final regular-season series this weekend before playing either the Cubs or Pirates in the NLDS.



 The Blue Jays are celebrating their AL East clinch, so Munenori Kawasaki is dancing

Over the weekend, the Blue Jays clinched their first postseason berth in 22 years. What began as a low-key celebration quickly turned not-so-low-key. On Wednesday, though, the team went one further and clinched the AL East. So, the celebration was elevated accordingly. 

And that had Munenori Kawasaki, who had already showed his moves on the field, doing what he does best: 


As everyone knows, dancing is contagious: 


And how about a relaxing bath after so much grooving?

torontobluejays: The 6ix squad celebrates as CHAMPIONS! #ComeTogether

The 6ix squad celebrates as CHAMPIONS! #ComeTogether


Stephen R Brooks

Stephen R Brooks@sbrooksbaseball

I absolutely had to take this picture.




If you're wondering what would cause Paul Molitor to cuss an opposing player out



Austin Barnes liked this pitch so much, he hit it twice



Andrelton Simmons fakes throw to second, gets out at first to remind you what he's capable of




Anthony Rizzo's baserunning trickery gets Starlin Castro a gift single

And during Wednesday's game against the Reds, he was at it again. This time faking out Cincinnati shortstop Eugenio Suarez into thinking he was running to third on a ground ball -- thus giving his pal Starlin Castro an infield single:











 kingkaps7 animated GIF
Jimi Hendrix Sketch Time Lapse gif by Carl-Seager
Jimi Hendrix Sketch Time Lapse gif




Copyright © 2011

"Eddie Vedder" pencil drawing, then animate. I call it "ALIVE"



LeBron James celebrates the series win | originally posted on

LeBron James celebrates the series win | originally posted on




 LeBron James [dot] gif

LeBron James [dot] gif




 Damian Lillard dunk

 Damian Lillard dunk dot gif


What did you think of these, pencil skecth, then animated






 Maker rendering













Copyright © Frank King


Original .5 liter Wine Bottle Art, sandblasted, airbrushed & hand painting.

(above) "KISS", "Jimi Hendrix" "Ichiro", was a Seattle Mariner "Steve Largent", Hall of Fame WR Seahawks.


 photo 2-5.jpg

Copyright © Frank King



Copyright © Frank King

This piece is the last one I did before I got the news of my kidney tumor, irony you have to love it! Original Art "16x20" Black & White, Pen & Ink, I call it "Help Me"






Mr.Steve Largent 16"x20" pen & Ink/black & white,"Ring of Honor piece"!!





Original '16x20' B&W, pen & Ink, "Joe Montana"





Charles Barkly,Basketball Card,pen/ink/with,computer enhancement ,National Promo Card





Mr. Michael Jordan, Beckett Basketball Magazine 




David Bowie Sketch by Carl-Seager

 David Bowie Sketch





James Harden stepback dot gif

James Harden stepback dot gif



  @russwest44  Russell Westbrook

officialsubway:  Good luck to Famous Fan @russwest44 tonight! You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.  I made this.













Check out three of my Buddy's, Duff McKagan, Ronny Munroe, & Randy Hansen,.. just click on there banners Ronny & Randy,......

Enjoy this Sample  from "The Taking" 

We win  by  duff-loaded

"We Win" - from The Duff MacKagan's Loaded album "The Taking"

1.We win 4.12 Dead skin 3.23 Indian Summer 4.21






Ronny Munroe

I'm working on my web site. If anyone has any photos of me on stage you would like to submit for publication...






Remebering Jimi Hendrix, More than 40 years after the death of Jimi Hendrix, he still leaves an impression on many music lovers back then and even today. One Seattle man gets a chance to re-live the moment Jimi changed his life. make sure you stop by & check out Randy's Artwork!






V "Pray for the Troops, Pray for the World Always."  V



 photo half-flag_zps088ecfb6.gif



military support photo: RESPECT RESPECT.jpg







 photo animated_eagle_zps4fa6ee15.gif 
"We never really bury our dead, We take them with us, It's the prize of Living."
"They went not for Conquest and not for Gain, but Only to Protect the Anquished and Innocent." 
"There is no honorable way to Kill, no gentle way to Destroy, There is nothing good in War, Except it's Ending."


"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."
"Only the dead know the end to War."

"The care that comes only through cherishing through knowing loss."

animated birds photo: Animated Birds BirdsAnimated.gif
"And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest."
"And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulation worketh patience, and patience , experience, and experience hope." 


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"They went not for Conquest & not for Gain, But Only to Protect the Anquished & Innocent."










~ "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,

the Moon and the Stars, which you

have set in place,

what is Man that you are mindful of him,

and the Son of Man that you care for him." ~

~ King David ~



"Pray for the Troops, Pray for the World!"



In 1782, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His Justice cannot sleep forever." hmmm....