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Tue May 3, 2016

Another sick day in Detroit

Teacher 'sickouts' shut nearly all Detroit schools for 2nd day

Members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers march down Grand Blvd., during a rally in front of the Detroit Public Schools offices in Detroit, Monday, May 2, 2016. The district's state-appointed transition manager Steven Rhodes says 45,628 of approximately 46,000 students were forced to miss classes Monday as 1,562 teachers called in sick. Detroit's schools are expected to be out of cash starting July 1. (Daniel Mears/The Detroit News via AP)
(CNN)All but three of Detroit's 97 schools stayed closed again Tuesday, the second day of teacher protests over pay concerns in the city's financially ailing school district.
On Monday, the same number of schools closed after more than 1,500 teachers called in sick to protest when they learned the district has only enough money to pay them through June 30.
Because some teachers can elect to receive their paychecks year-round, the union representing teachers argues that shortfall means those educators have already started to work for free.
"Detroit Federation of Teachers leaders spent the day meeting with DPS Transition Manager Judge Steven Rhodes and other decision makers to get an assurance that our members will be paid for their work," the union said Tuesday. "Still, they refuse to say the three words our members need to hear: 'I guarantee it.' "
"Their failure to give us that guarantee is tantamount to a lockout." the union said.
More protests are planned for Tuesday as parents caught in the middle of the debate scramble to arrange for child care.
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said Tuesday on Twitter that she is headed to Detroit to join the demonstrations.





Colorado Rockies COL 1 - 2 SD San Diego Padres


Umpire kindly notifies Alexei Ramirez that there's a plastic cup stuck to his shoe

main image

By Chris Landers

Look, a lot happens on the floor of a big league dugout. Bubble gum gets stuck. Ice cream is eaten. Sunflower seeds are carelessly strewn.


When you consider that Major League players spend hours walking around in that environment, it was only a matter of time before someone's shoes paid the price. And then, during Monday's Rockies-Padres game, Alexei "ALEXEI!" Ramirez noticed something a little ... strange during his at-bat. Namely, something on his foot:


Look on the bright side, Alexei -- it could've been much, much worse.





Philadelphia Phillies PHI 3 - 10 STL St. Louis Cardinals


Yadier Molina did some push-ups at the plate right before lacing a single to left-center

main image

By Ben Cosman

In the Majors since 2004, Yadier Molina, who will be 34 by mid-season, has caught nearly 1,500 games. That's a lot of strain on a man's body -- catching, as you probably know, isn't the easiest position in the world. What we're saying is: He may not be the Gold Glove Award-winning spring chicken he once was. Well, he definitely still has the glove, but he's more like a late-summer chicken now.

As such, he knows the value of routine exercise to stay fit and sharp. He knows to never miss a workout, even if it comes in the middle of an at-bat.


In the seventh inning of the Cardinals' 10-3 win over the Phillies on Monday night, a pitch from Phillies reliever Brett Oberholtzer cut a little close to Molina's knees, and he dropped to the dirt. So, he took the opportunity to work on his upper-body strength. And then he hit a single to left-center:


With results like that, who can argue? Certainly not Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. As he told's Jenifer Langosch after the game:

"Seemed to work, so we might see it again. If he hit a home run, he might do it every at-bat in the on-deck circle."

And who knows? Maybe the NL Central will be decided by a push-up contest this season.







Atlanta Braves ATL 1 - 4 NYM New York Mets


Bartolo Colon fouled off a pitch at 101 mph, swung out of his helmet and tossed 8 shutout innings

main image

By Ben Cosman

Bartolo Colon threw eight shutout innings against the Braves on Monday night, striking out seven along the way in the Mets' 4-1 victory. A performance like that is why Colon -- the oldest player in baseball at 42 -- is still a mainstay in a Major League rotation. His at-bats in the first and fourth inning, however, are why he is a legend.


In the first inning, like Paul Bunyan felling a titanic maple, Colon sliced his bat through the air and fouled off a 94-mph fastball from Mike Foltynewicz -- sending the ball zooming into the left-field foul territory with an exit velocity off his bat of 101.9 mph.

"I don't think I've ever hit a ball as hard as I hit that," Colon told's Anthony DiComo after the game.

Well, it was his hardest-hit ball of the season so far, but not his hardest-hit ball recorded by Statcast™. He's hit two harder: A foul on June 6, 2015, against the D-backs that left Colon's bat at 104 mph, and a single in that same at-bat at 102.4 mph:

And yet, if hitting the ball nearly as hard as he can wasn't enough, Colon followed up in the fourth by swinging out of his helmet. As he is wont to do:


On top of all that, Bartolo earned his 220th career victory and now has the second-most wins of any MLB pitcher born in the Dominican Republic, sliding past none other than Pedro Martinez.  

He wins some, he loses some, but he's always a Legend.




 NBA Playoffs Monday: Thunder earn controversial Game 2 victory



Atlanta Hawks ATL 93 - 104 CLE Cleveland Cavaliers


 Big Tristan Thompson contract? Check. Big playoff rebounds? Check.

 Tristan Thompson

Sporting News


 JR Smith Drills Ridiculous Triple Over Korver


 Paul Millsap Huge Transition Block Denies Kevin Love


 Kyrie Irving beautiful block on Schroder


 lebron james dunk hawks

 LeBron James can't believe you'd leave him wide-open for a three-pointer. To be fair LeBron only shot 31 percent from back there this year, but it's LeBron. And this happened with the Piston as well. But maybe just go ahead and guard him.


 LeBron with the ridiculous bounce pass to Richard Jefferson for the dunk


 Jeff Teague spins Kyrie Irving around on the fast break





Oklahoma City Thunder OKC 98 - 97 SA San Antonio Spurs


Refs admit missing foul on Thunder in wild end

Thunder tie series vs. Spurs after frantic end



Pop keeping his cool


 Multiple Angles


 WILD finish to end the Spurs-Thunder game


Magic Parker pass


 Waiters pushes Ginobili from out-of-bounds while trying to inbound the last play of the game


 San Antonio fan is a little too close to the mic


 Adams with the loping reverse dunk




NHL playoffs Monday: Matt Murray shuts down Capitals in 3-2 victory



Washington Capitals WAS 2 - 3 PIT Pittsburgh Penguins


Penguins top Capitals 3-2 to take 2-1 series lead

Pittsburgh Penguins Patric Hornqvist (72) celebrates his goal with Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby (87) during the first period of Game 3 in an NHL hockey Stanley Cup Eastern Conference semifinals in Pittsburgh, Monday, May 2, 2016.

Associated Press


 Carl Hagelin scores off some beautiful passing by Kessel and Bonino


 Letang catches a Backstrom knee to the back of the head


 Letang hit on Johanssen


Kuhnhackal scores off his back


Matt Murray stones TJ Oshie


























 Marijuana Dispensary Seeks Naming Rights For Mile High Stadium

 DENVER (CBS4) – The recent bankruptcy filing by Sports Authority has raised questions about possibly renaming the stadium the Broncos play in, and a marijuana company is one such interested buyer.

Native Roots is one of Colorado’s largest dispensaries. It expanded from one to 14 stores over the last year. The marijuana dispensary chain said they are fully ready to make a multi-million dollar commitment if the contract between Sports Authority Field at Mile High and Sports Authority ever ends.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High (credit: CBS)

Sports Authority Field at Mile High (credit: CBS)

They also acknowledged the poor timing of announcing the news on April Fools’ Day, but insisted that they are serious about the proposal.

“It’s not a joke, we’re very serious,” said founding partner Rhett Jordan.

The company released a rendering of possible new branding for the stadium, which they say is just preliminary. They’d be willing to forgo the marijuana leaf in favor of its more well-known symbol, a simple tree with roots.

Native roots says the affordability of the contract isn’t a problem, whatever it may cost. For Sports Authority, it’s at $6 million a year.

“We’ve always been huge fans of the Broncos, we felt like this was a great opportunity to bring two brilliant brands together,” said Jordan.

The company says it has begun the process of acquiring the naming rights. However, since the contract still belongs to Sports Authority, Native Roots says for now that process has consisted of internal meetings.

RELATED STORIES: Marijuana Legalization Story Archive

If everything were to go as planned and the naming rights approved, its founder says the stadium will be called Native Roots Field at Mile High.

“Native Roots was born and raised in Colorado and we are the natural candidate for this. I don’t see cannabis going anywhere but up right now so we are prepared for that,” said Jordan.

CBS4 reached out to the Broncos for comment and they shared the following statement: “Sports Authority has been a great partner for many years and we certainly hope to keep it that way.”

It’s likely they thought it was a prank.



















 Golden State Warriors GS

 He has some nice ones tho, unicorns




jamfactory slow motion drums slow slowmo



kick kick kick





Epitaph Records music trippy drums hardcore




jamfactory slow motion drums slow slowmo





 jamfactory slow motion drums slow slowmo






Seattle Mariners SEA 4 - 4 LAA Los Angeles Angels


Enjoy the many subtle reactions from one of the strangest double plays you'll ever see

main image

Daniel Nava is having a very good spring. The former hero of Red Sox Nation is in his first Spring Training with the Angels and has started out hitting 11-for-18 with five RBIs. 

Unfortunately, he didn't have such a great day on Tuesday. Sure, he did great at the plate, picking up two hits and two RBIs, but he also managed to pull a "Benny Agbayani" when he forgot how many outs there were. With a runner at first with one out in the top of the fifth, Kyle Seager hit a fly ball to left field. But after making the grab, Nava threw the ball into the stands. 



The throw allowed Stefan Romero to go from first to third, taking two bases for the ball going out of play. Only issue, he didn't go back to tag up at first base, meaning he was called out when the Angels appealed. 

Which, if you're scoring at home, means this was your standard 7-E7-1-3 double play. I think. Honestly, if I was scoring this one, I would have just put an asterisk next to it and gone to get a hot dog. 

At least Nava was able to joke about it after the game. The outfielder told's Alden Gonzalez, "I skipped a lot of the beginning math classes in California. Obviously I didn't stay up on my accounting. But my daughter, she'll teach me tonight how to count to 10. Or to three."

But just what went through everyone's mind during this play? I tried to investigate and put my psychic powers to the test. 

After catching the ball, Nava turned toward the outfield. It appeared that there were at least two friendly fans who were doing their darndest to let Nava know "No! There are two outs! Stop! What are you doing! What are you doooooing!" 


Meanwhile, here were the Angels infielders -- arms up, calling out two outs. But as you can tell by Yunel Escobar's cocked head and the glance from Gregorio Petit, these are two men who have resigned themselves to the chaos of the universe.


After pointing to the outfield, presumably discussing Nava's play, this fan apparently told his seat mate. "Look, a camera! We're in our very own 'The Truman Show'!" 


As for the cause of the gaffe? Nava is clearly aware of the problem. "It's this darned glove," he clearly told himself. "How can a person possibly focus on the number of outs there are when these high faluting leather straps are so danged loose." 


Fortunately, while the rest of the play was the height of Spring Training, Mike Scioscia was in midseason form as he was aware that even if a ball is thrown out of play, you still gotta tag up. Number one indeed, Mike. 


This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.





Turns out, Mookie Betts isn't the only R.B.I. Baseball 16 cover athlete

main image

As the official release date of R.B.I. Baseball 16 approaches -- it'll be up for digital download on March 29 -- there have been two important developments:

1. Along with the download on the 29th, you can also buy a physical copy of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in stores on April 5. So, if you still appreciate being able to hold things, this is for you:



If you heard Mookie Betts was going to be on the cover of a video game, you'd probably assume it was the next installment in a "superheroes fighting" franchise. Yes, Betts has actual (occasionally nerdy) superpowers. 

But on the Saturday of Red Sox Winter Weekend, Betts revealed that he's on the cover of the new R.B.I Baseball 16:

He might actually be Superman zooming halfway around the world to save a double in the gap:


2. We already knew that Mookie Betts would be on the cover doing his best superhero impression, but there's a new surprise for Canadian fans -- they'll get their own release with none other than Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman.

View image on Twitter


It's basically MLB's version of Batman Vs. Superman or Captain America: Civil War, but there's no wrong answer. 

In addition to Xbox One and PS4, you can also download R.B.I. Baseball 16 for Mac/PC and supported smartphones and tablets. Baseball fans in Europe will also be able to download the game for the first time this year.





Astros dump sunflower seeds on field reporter Julia Morales, who nails segment anyway

main image
By Chris Landers

Once upon a time, dugout shenanigans were reserved for only players. They're used to it by now, after all, and besides -- they come prepared.


Ah, but those were simpler times. Last season, the Astros announced that no one was safe from projectile foodstuffs -- not even field reporter Julia Morales. First, there were giant buckets of bubble gum:


Then came the sunflower seeds. So, so many sunflower seeds:


But the Astros weren't the only ones who spent the offseason preparing for 2016. Morales studied the tape, ran the drills, and when the time came for her to return to Houston's dugout, she was unfazed:


Keep fighting the good fight, Julia. And remember: You're right next to an endless supply of helmets.


This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.




Kobe is giving away tickets to final game

Kobe Bryant giving away tickets to last game

Want to be in the arena for Kobe Bryant's final game of his 20-year career?

Well, you might just have a chance. A small chance, but a chance all the same.

In a video released Tuesday, Bryant personally invites two fans to the Staples Center for his last hurrah. Regular tickets, of course, are being sold for a minimum of $700 on ticketing sites like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

Not only do you have the chance to be in attendance, but Bryant promises that you can "sit front row, center court, meet the team, and high five as [he] takes the floor for the last time." Do you live outside of Los Angeles? No problem, Kobe's got you covered. Non-local fans will be flown in and put in a four star hotel. 

The best part, as Kobe stresses, is that you'll be helping the youth. With a minimum donation of $10 to enter the ticket pool, the proceeds will go toward the Positive Coaching Alliance, After-School All-Stars, and the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. The more you pay, the better your odds at earning a ticket. Meaning, a $10 donation equals 100 chances. A $25 donation equals 250 chances, and so on, all the way up to $7,500 for 75,000 chances to win (as well as a pair of autographed Kobe XI's).

You can sign up at, and sit back and wait, as the Black Mamba is set to take the Staples Center court for the final time on Wednesday, April 13 against the Utah Jazz.




 Golden State Warriors GS

 David Lee protecting his point guard



 Kristaps hits the Steph Curry hallway shot at Oracle

Rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis just keeps adding to his legend. He's already the master of putback dunks. On Tuesday, he went into Oracle Arena ... did the Stephen Curry shot from the tunnel ... and of course, he made it. Just like any true legend would do. We are all witnesses to PorzinGOD.





Washington Wizards WAS


Wizards transformation to stretch 5



 NBA Tuesday: Spurs wear down Clippers for 42nd consecutive home win



Los Angeles Clippers LAC 87 - 108 SA San Antonio Spurs


Leonard leads Spurs to 108-87 win over Clippers

Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard shoots as Clippers power forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute defends during the first half at AT&T Center.



Squeaky Spurs Fan Weakly Attempts To Heckle J.J. Redick

While Jamal Crawford was shooting free throws during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs, the NBA TV mics picked up a high-pitched Spurs fan attempting to heckle his teammate J.J. Redick:

Spurs fan talks trash to JJ Redick while Jamal Crawford shoots some free throws



 Mills was a Skater Boy, Chris said "see you later boy"



 Huge jam. Almost.



 Austin Rivers got painfully blocked by the rim on a dunk

 AUSTIN RIVERS HAHAHAHA. Sorry. I hope you're OK. That looked like it hurt. I shouldn't be laughing so hard. It wasn't nearly as bad as Carmelo Anthony's rim block.



Tim Duncan moves in 14th place





 Los Angeles Kings LA 5 - 2 DAL Dallas Stars


 PPG- Eakin(14) - Unassisted




 my Instagram


Change profile photo




NASCAR's Donald Trump Problem

NASCAR's Donald Trump Problem
Graphic credit Sam Woolley

NASCAR CEO and majority owner Brian France endorsed presidential candidate and half-empty bag of rancid tapioca Donald Trump the other week. But what might seem like good synergy for both France and Trump is an incredibly bad omen for the future of NASCAR.





 New York Yankees NYY 4 - 4 NYM New York Mets

The Yankees' bullpen helped get Aaron Hicks a double

Baseball is a team sport. Sure, you're up there at the plate alone, facing a pitcher standing solo on the mound, and it's a little mano a mano, but there are 25 of you on a roster during a regular season and even more during Spring Training. So, there's no reason why your teammates can't help you hit a double.

Aaron Hicks, who was facing the Mets and Jacob deGrom on Wednesday, knows this. During his at-bat in the third inning, he knocked a pitch down the right-field line and let the chaos of his scattering teammates in the bullpen do the rest:


With the ball trapped under the bullpen benches, Hicks was given a ground-rule double, and he came around to score the Yankees' first run one at-bat later. He might've made it there on his own, but in this case, it was a true team effort.

The Subway Series just got a lot warmer.

The Subway Series just got a lot warmer.





Colorado Rockies COL 8 - 6 SF San Francisco Giants

Rockies pitcher Jason Gurka strikes out four batters ... in one inning

MLB's official rules state that there are only three outs in one inning. So, if a pitcher wants to strike out the side, he would need to strike out three batters. But the Rockies' Jason Gurka, perhaps trying to impress his way onto the team's Opening Day roster, decided to take things a step further during Colorado's 8-6 win over the Giants on Wednesday -- striking out four hitters in one frame:

OK, yes -- this only happened because of the dropped third strike to Rando Moreno, but it's still rare and pretty impressive. Only 74 big leaguers have ever done it. Let's hope he goes for five (or just all 27) next time out.


 Dab on ’em, Carlos!

Dab on ’em, Carlos!




 Kobe and his wife went to the Kings game and got caught on the Kiss Cam


Kobe Bryant didn't play on Tuesday against the Orlando Magic, so he's spending some time off. On Wednesday, he was back at Staples Center attending an L.A. Kings game.

But even when he's at Staples Center for some leisurely time, the spotlight is still on him. During the game, the cameras focused on him and his wife Vanessa during the kiss cam.

Even Bailey the Lion was pretty pumped to see the Black Mamba.


View image on Twitter

I am sorry @kobebryant I can't give you an autograph right now...maybe after the game




Washington Capitals WAS 3 - 4 LA Los Angeles Kings


 Orlov(8) - ASST: Williams(27), Kuznetsov(48)






 Utah Jazz UTA 94 - 115 GS Golden State Warriors


Curry's stunning half-court buzzer beater vs. Jazz

Steph Curry Makes It Rain



 Curry Behind the Back Pass



Steph Curry adds another absurd shot to his resume with banked halfcourt buzzer-beater! Curry from half-court before sprinting down the tunnel


 Steph Curry from the logo—the other side of the logo!

Curry is insane. That is all. Just look at the way he drilled this halfcourt shot against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday. If we can nitpick and be jaded for a second, this is a bank shot so it could have been even better had Curry made it without the help of the backboard.

Just kidding, Curry can do no wrong. This is ridiculous.


 Stop it Steph. You are sooo predictable




 Cleveland Cavaliers CLE 120 - 111 SAC Sacramento Kings

LeBron: 'It does kind of suck' Curry is criticized

LeBron defends Curry from criticism



'Lebron James Kid' Introduces Lebron



 Wild sequence ends with Quincy Acy dunk.






Kyrie nails the buzzer beater over Rondo to close out the 3rd!



 J.R. Smith's dagger 3-pointer was great, but the celebration was even better

J.R. Smith connected on a big three-pointer that helped seal a Cavaliers victory against the Kings. It was a nice shot. It was nothing compared to the celebration he got on after

 Clutch shots like that deserve as much dancing as possible. Very strong move by Smith to bring in a teammate for the assist on the second part of the dancing.





Detroit Pistons DET 102 - 96 DAL Dallas Mavericks


 Ref David Jones baiting Deron Williams into a T



Reggie Jackson bails out the Pistons late in the shot clock with a crazy dagger 3







 Chris Paul got wide open by appearing to elbow Kevin Durant right in the groin

 Chris Paul doesn't have the best reputation in the NBA. For one, he complains so much that his Los Angeles Clippers have developed somewhat of a villainous persona throughout the years. 

But then he goes and does things like this. We know that as an offensive player it's important to distance yourself from your defender, but this one might be a little too much considering that he hit Kevin Durant in the groin. This hit to the groin doesn't work on so many levels, Chris Paul. D'Angelo Russell's, on the other hand, does.



 Doc tech



 Tech on the OKC bench



 Doc Rivers being Doc Rivers








news animated GIF



Mon March 7, 2016

Weapons seized by Australia may have come from Iran, intended for Houthis

Middle East weapons seizure Weapons seized by the HMAS Darwin off the coast of Oman

(CNN)An Australian naval ship has seized a large arms cache that may have come from Iran and headed to Yemen by way of Somalia.

The Australian Navy said that one of its ships patrolling the region, the HMAS Darwin, intercepted a small, stateless fishing vessel about 170 nautical miles off the coast of Oman when it made the discovery.

On board they found more than 2,000 pieces of weaponry -- including 1,989 AK-47 assault rifles and 100 rocket-propelled grenades.

According to a U.S. assessment, the weapons were initially sent from Iran and were likely intended for Houthi rebels in Yemen, Lt. Ian McConnaughey with the U.S. Navy told CNN.

U.S. Central Command is still gathering more information to determine the arms' final destination, McConnaughey said.

An Australian Defense Ministry spokesman told CNN there were 18 people of various nationalities on board the ship, but officials could not initially confirm that their identification documents were valid.

Authorities believe the weapons were headed for Somalia based on interviews with crew members, but that information is preliminary and may change as the investigation continues, the spokesman said.

The crew was allowed to depart after the weapons were seized, in accordance with international maritime law.

Combined Maritime Forces

Australia is part of a multinational naval partnership, the Combined Maritime Forces, that helps police more than three million square miles of international waters.

CMF routinely conducts boardings to determine the origin of unmarked vessels (so-called "flag verification boardings") on a "regular basis," according to McConaughey. A similar number of weapons was seized in September by coalition forces.

The Darwin was on its first patrol in the region when it conducted this seizure, Vice Admiral David Johnston of the Australian Navy said.

"Darwin's successful boarding and subsequent seizure of the weapons concealed under fishing nets highlights the need to remain vigilant in the region," he said.

Previous accusations

Iran has been accused before of attempting to arm the Shiite Houthis in a civil war that's largely a proxy fight between those two parties and Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, who is backed by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni gulf states.

For years, the Houthis have held sway in northern Yemen but lacked influence in the country's Sunni-led government.

The Houthi rebels seized the presidential palace in January last year, temporarily forcing Hadi from Sanaa, the capital city.

He returned in large part with the help of airstrikes from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and others that joined to battle Houthis last March.

Just south of Yemen across the Gulf of Aden, Somalia has been mired in similar violence since civil war broke out there in the early 1990s, following the collapse of the Siad Barre regime. Its relatively ineffective institutions -- Somalia has consistently been ranked as one of the world's most fragile or failed states by international observers -- largely failed to stymie the rise of piracy and Islamic extremism.

The United Nations has placed arms embargoes on Somalia and rebels in Yemen.




At least 13 killed, including 2 children, in Pakistan suicide attack




 Gary Payton II Defeated UCLA With an Unnecessary Yet Beautiful Windmill Dunk

Just taaaap it in. A little tap tap taparoo. I mean it’s all Oregon State’s Gary Payton II had to do protecting a 84-82 lead on UCLA in the game’s final seconds and it was all over.


O___O. WHAM.

If he missed this and the ball catapulted back into the UCLA front court for a potential game-tying or winning attempt, this would have arguably been the #1 blooper of all-time in college hoops.

But, instead…






 NBA Sunday: Lakers stun Warriors in shocking blowout



 Golden State Warriors GS 95 - 112 LAL Los Angeles Lakers


 Any given Sunday: Warriors show they’re not perfect in loss at Lakers

The Lakers' Kobe Bryant is double teamed by Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut of the Warriors during the second half Sunday at Staples Center.



It was likely an anomaly, but Curry and the Warriors were no match for the lowly Lakers because of poor shooting from deep. Plus, Russell Westbrook taking over as usual and everything else from a wild Sunday in the NBA.


Kobe Bryant on Steph Curry


kobe not impressed


 Curry with the long distance pass to Barbosa to beat the buzzer



 Swaggy P sinks two quick 3s to put the Lakers up 16 over the Warriors



 Huertas to Nance Jr. for the slam after the jump ball!



Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr yells to the officials to question a call during the second half of the game against the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, Sunday. The Warriors lost 95-112.



 Larry Nance - 1984 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (Champion)



 Nance Jr. shows off with a rock the cradle dunk



 The Warriors stop playing defense asking for a double dribble, giving Clarkson the free dunk



 Clarkson drives as Warriors 5 turn to refs w/ replay



Swaggy P telling us the key to beating the Warriors





Houston Rockets HOU 113 - 107 TOR Toronto Raptors


James Harden, Just What The Hell Are You Doing On This Play?

James Harden, Just What The Hell Are You Doing On This Play?
 There are two critical facts that need to be laid out in order to establish the context of the above play: 1) When this happened, the Rockets were up two with less than three minutes left in the game, and the game had just resumed after a timeout; and 2) The Rockets have yet to mention anything about Harden ingesting an exotic neurotoxin or something, so we can assume he was in fact not incapacitated by nefarious means during this play, despite the lil’ nap he took on this play.

Anyway, the Rockets won in Toronto tonight thanks to Harden’s 40 points (on 20 shots) and 14 assists. You could argue that the Rockets would never have been up two with less than three minutes left in the game in the first place without James Harden scoring all those points. You’d surely point out that Harden played 40 minutes last night and scored 36 points on the road. You could make the case that a man who scores all those dang points gets tired occasionally and deserves to take a rest now and then. These are all fair and valid points.



Rockets guard James Harden dribbles past Raptors forward James Johnson in the second quarter at Air Canada Centre.

Harden, Rockets end Raptors' home win streak, 113-107




Portland Trail Blazers POR 103 - 123 DET Detroit Pistons


 Stan Van Gundy doesn't do high fives




Oklahoma City Thunder OKC 104 - 96 MIL Milwaukee Bucks




Westbeast block


Play of the night

Giannis Antetokounmpo makes the court shrink. He simply gobbles up ground and then throws down dunks with such ease it's terrifying. Serge Ibaka is usually a good defender, but not on this day.

 Giannis jump stop slam




 Dallas Mavericks DAL 114 - 116 DEN Denver Nuggets


 Mudiay: "I want to lob to Sampson"



LeBron James has been on quite the social-media roll lately.

LeBron: 'Something is really wrong with me!'









Taylor Swift Thinks She Won

Taylor Swift Thinks She Won










 Sunday Comics: Not How The Law Works




 SUPER BOWL 50 "The NFL Experiance"





Red Bull friday weekend tgif redbull
dave grohl foo fighters taylor hawkins top chef padma lakshmi






 No One Wants to Talk to Ted Cruz

No One Wants to Talk to Ted Cruz

 At the end of tonight’s Trump-less GOP debate, the candidates played the customary “wander around the stage and pretend you actually like each other” game. But apparently, even when they’re just pretending, the candidates still can’t bring themselves to stomach Ted Cruz.




I Knew That Our Computers Were Just Portals to Other Worlds



Frog's Laptop Meal(Worm)





 Surfer Attempts to Ride Monster Wave, Gets Swallowed by the Water

 While some may be intimidated by the size of the famous "Jaws" wave in Peahi, Hawaii, no wave scares surfer Tom Dosland.

But that doesn't mean his rides always go smoothly.

On Thursday, an absolutely incredible video of Dosland taking on Jaws hit the Internet. The surfer attempted to ride the monster wave, but after a few seconds his board gave out and sent him crashing into the water below.


Hopefully Dosland didn't suffer any injuries in the fall.




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)







bear hi animals











Todd Rocheford art 3d trippy psychedelic



 Todd Rocheford trippy psychedelic drugs acid




 Pro Skier Angel Collinson Survived a 1,000-Foot Tumble on Alaska Mountain [VIDEO]

 Angel Collinson, a 25-year old professional skier and environmental law student at the University of Utah, survived what The Daily Mail says was a 1,000-foot tumble in one minute at the Neacola Range in Alaska. At the end of this video, you can see cameras zoom in on her as she emphatically yells that she’s okay.

“I was worried about my neck, head and face so tried to cover them with my arms,” she said afterward, via TDM. “I got really lucky. I jammed two fingers and that was it. I lost everything out of my pack, but other than that I was totally fine.”













 Baseball is Coming! First Pitch "Sir Charles Barkly"







Mateo Amaral animation vegetation una piedra negra repollo








The X-Files 2016 x files gillian anderson dana scully




The X-Files 2016 x files david duchovny fox tv




 A rogue tennis ball drilled an Australian Open linesman in the groin







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Chicago Cubs CHC   vs   NYM New York Mets 




Toronto Blue Jays TOR  0 - 5  KC Kansas City Royals 

Jose Bautista psyched out some Royals fans with a fake toss into the stands
After the fifth inning of Friday night's ACLS Game 1, Joey Bats pulled off a bit of understated trolling in the outfield:


"You want this ball? This one in my hand right now? Sure thing ... PSYCH!"


Last Night's Treatment,.......


MLB Tonight breaks down Jose Bautista's epic bat flip using Statcast technology

main image

By Mike Bertha |

The integration of Statcast™ technology into MLB broadcasts and highlights has revolutionized the way we look at monster home runs, insane diving catches and blazing speed on the basepaths. Now, it's being used to break down epic celebrations, too.

On Wednesday night, Jose Bautista hit the biggest home run of his long career -- a game-winner in Game 5 of the ALDS that he punctuated with a bat flip that surely made KBO players feel inadequate.

Well, the fine folks at MLB Tonight took that Statcast™ technology and applied it - finding that Joey Bats' bat reached a height of 10.6 feet off the ground and was suspended in the air for 1.74 seconds.

We're just a season or two away from Billy Beane assembling a full team of power hitters based on some new-fangled advanced bat flip metric like wFROB+ (Weighted Full Rotations On a Bat flip Plus).





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Chicago Cubs CHC   vs   NYM New York Mets 














Behind ace Jake Arrieta, the Chicago Cubs are advancing in the postseason. The Cubs beat the Pirates in the wild card game last night and world renowned Cubs fan Eddie Vedder was in Pittsburgh to help the Cubbies celebrate. Could this be the year?? Thanks to Hall of Very Good for the heads up.

Chris Emma's Photo

I'm been on the bandwagon for years T...

I’m been on the bandwagon for years

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Chicago Cubs CHC  4 - 0  PITPittsburgh Pirates


Jonathan Herrera wore a helmet with disembodied hands on it in the Cubs dugout





Texas Rangers TEX ALDS - G1 Oct 8 3:37 PM ET Toronto Blue Jays TOR


David Price brought his own emoji to the ALDS presser, didn't disrupt the space-time continuum





Houston Astros HOU 3 - 0 NYYNew York Yankees 



Billy Crystal was not really feeling the strike zone during the AL Wild Card Game


It's got to be great to be famous and beloved, right? When you're a celebrity, people are probably extra nice to you. They probably bend over backwards to make you happy, just because they want to be your plus one the next time you host the Oscars (which you do in cycles, like an awards show Halley's Comet).

If you can't tell, I'm specifically referring to Billy Crystal, a celebrity who we can all agree seems to be having a lot of fun. But there are some forces of the world that just aren't all that impressed with fame. Here's a partial list: Gravity, electromagnetism and MLB umpires.



 Houston x Flat Eric 



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This fan has made a massive Stan Musial mural out of Rubik’s Cubes:

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and got your back now! Gr8 job on .. 


#WhatsNext?      @Seahawks  Legion of Boom  



Robinson Cano@RobinsonCano Oct 5

I want to say thanks to all the fans and my family for a great season! Your support means everything to me!

Seattle MarinersVerified account @Mariners

And the star power increases.

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 Bloodshed in Jerusalem caught on camera

 In the Old City of Jerusalem, increased violence between Palestinians and Israelis has escalated tensions to new heights in recent weeks. CNN's Eric McLaughlin reports.





Beetlejuice was so amped from this one.







When you're afraid to say anything so you just make faces 







Andrew McCutchen threw a Reds home run ball into the Allegheny River








Sad Georgia Fans After The Alabama Loss

GALLERY: Sad Georgia Fans After The Alabama Loss




video: Bears scared away by a 20 pound French Bulldog


video:  The Pope’s Astonishing Feat








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Korean Baseball Player Delivers Epic Bat Flip on Routine Fly Out to Left Field

Check out Kim Sa-yeon of KT Wiz admiring his fly ball to left field in Korean Baseball Organization action. Isn’t this fun? Isn’t it refreshing to see a baseball player not acting like a robot? Sure, it probably hurt the pitcher’s feelings when Sa-yeon flipped his bat up in the air, but if the pitcher doesn’t want his feelings hurt, he shouldn’t allow routine fly balls to left field.

Give credit to Sa-yeon for playing the game the way he wants to play it and not conforming to the old-school’s curmudgeonly ways.

I think we can all agree that Major League Baseball could use more of this, especially if it wants to attract young fans.



 Matthew Stafford's Wife Shares Bittersweet Message About Support from Detroit Fans

Although many in this city have already turned their back on the Lions and Matthew, we will never stop supporting Detroit. No matter how many #9 jerseys people burn or how many negative things people say about these players they will continue to fight for a championship for this city. Thank you @outlinethesky for sending us some Detroit apparel to get us through the winter and thank you Palmer for your constant support. #Detroit #OnePride




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Super Bowl XLVIII · 2014 NFC Championship Game · 2006 NFC Championship Game
"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." -Babe Ruth






Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Seahawks 2013

seahawks photo: Seahawks 3 Seahawks11.gif
" It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up." - Vince Lombardi
seahawks photo: seahawks.gif
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Huge ovation and roar from the for BamBam  Welcome back.

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Pumpkin Heads Trio photo pumpkin-heads-trio.gif 



















'Friends' remade with hamsters. Could they BE any cuter?












Fan perseveres while missing three foul balls at Yankee Stadium

This guy had a rough night on Tuesday. He had front row seats for a Yankees – Red Sox game in New York and the Red Sox won, 10-4. He had a pop foul go through his hands. Then a ground ball foul hit him in the chest. Then a ballboy tried to throw the poor guy a ball and it bounced up and hit him in the face. For his sake, I hope this wasn’t a first date. Usually you don’t have to pay so much for such public embarrassment.










@MoneyLynch Still hate talkin but I will let you know what's BUGGING me.





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@drose  Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls suffers orbital fracture, to undergo surgeryChicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose suffered a left orbital fracture during Tuesday's practice and will undergo surgery Wednesday, the team announced.


CHICAGO -- Bulls guard Derrick Rose suffered a left orbital fracture during Tuesday's practice and will undergo surgery Wednesday, the team announced.

A timetable for his return will not be known until after the surgery, the Bulls said. They will provide an update at that time.

The fracture to his eye socket is the latest in a long line of health issues for the 2010-11 MVP. He tore the ACL in his left knee in April 2012 and missed the 2012-13 season. He then tore the medial meniscus in his right knee in November 2013 and missed the rest of the 2013-14 season.

Rose also had a meniscectomy on his right knee in February and missed 31 regular-season games during the 2014-15 season (including for illness and rest). In total, Rose has played in just 100 regular-season games since the beginning of the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season.