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Taylor Swift Thinks She Won

Taylor Swift Thinks She Won










 Sunday Comics: Not How The Law Works



 Sun January 31, 2016

The keys to Iowa caucuses

Trump's secret weapon, and 5 more things you should know

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JANUARY 30: Supporters look on as democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a
Davenport, Iowa — There will be a lot of passion vs. organization talk in the final countdown to the Iowa caucuses: Can the palpable energy of the Bernie Sanders campaign overcome the superior nuts-and-bolts organizing of the Hillary Clinton operation?

Scott County in eastern Iowa is a good place to watch this play out. Team Clinton thought it was well organized here in 2008, and poised for a strong showing. Instead, then-Sen. Barack Obama won big, with 48% of the vote and Clinton a distant second at 29%.

Norm Bower hopes to avoid a repeat of the 2008 feeling. A volunteer at the Clinton Davenport office, he said things are more professional, and cutting edge this time in part because so many Obama campaign veterans are with Clinton this time

Bower is confident the 2016 Clinton operation will meet or exceed its vote target here. Is it enough? His memory of how he knew in 2008 is vivid.

Missing teen found dead; Virginia Tech student charged

(CNN)A Virginia Tech freshman was charged with murder Saturday night after the remains of a 13-year-old girl who disappeared from her homewere found in North Carolina, authorities said.

Nicole Madison Lovell was last seen between 7 p.m. and midnight Wednesday at her home in Blacksburg, Virginia, police said.

The family found a dresser pushed against her bedroom door and said the middle-school student probably climbed out the apartment window, according to the Roanoke Times.

The family was extremely worried because Lovell required daily prescription medication for a liver transplant and didn't carry the medicine with her, according to police in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The search ended Saturday afternoon when her body was found about 100 miles away from home, Blacksburg Police Chief Anthony Wilson said.

Freshman engineering major arrested

"We were able to determine an approximate area where she might be found," he said. "Virginia State Police were dispatched to the general area Saturday afternoon and she was located just inside the North Carolina border on Route 89 in Surry County."

Texas college student killed in New Year's Eve shooting

David E. Eisenhauer, 18, of Columbia, Maryland, was already in custody. He was arrested Saturday morning at his residence on campus and charged with felony abduction, police said. Police said they acted on tips and social media to identify him.

After the remains were found, he was charged with murder. He's being held without bond in a jail in Montgomery County, Virginia, Wilson said.

"The speed at which this investigation has moved today has been nothing less than incredible," Wilson said. "We owe that to the outpouring of support and tips from the Blacksburg, Christansburg and Montgomery County communities."

Eisenhauer is a freshman engineering major and has been a member of the Virginia Tech cross country team, the Roanoke Times reported. The university said he's been suspended.

Police didn't give a motive or say how Lovell died.

CNN is attempting to find out if Eisenhauer has retained an attorney.

"We still have a great deal to do," Wilson said.

'Very wounded folks'

Lovell's disappearance had gripped the picturesque town of about 40,000 people, where the university is located.

"I'm scared to death," her father, David Lovell, told CNN affiliate WDBJ before she was found.

Police, the family and members of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets searched for the girl, according to a statement from the school. Wilson said Lovell's body will be returned for an autopsy and authorities will work to reconstruct a timeline leading up to her death.

The university said it is reaching out to those affected by the tragedy.

"As a father, as well as Virginia Tech's president, I want to reassure you that our community is supportive and resilient," Virginia Tech President Tim Sands said in an open letter. "Lean on that support and the resources available to you. It is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed at a time such as this. You are not alone."

The police chief said the Blacksburg community is reeling from the girl's death.

"We have some very wounded folks in this community and and please show them some respect," Wilson said. "We will continue to be very transparent with you during this investigation but please remember these are the kinds of crimes that rip communities apart."





 SUPER BOWL 50 "The NFL Experiance"





Red Bull friday weekend tgif redbull
dave grohl foo fighters taylor hawkins top chef padma lakshmi






 No One Wants to Talk to Ted Cruz

No One Wants to Talk to Ted Cruz

 At the end of tonight’s Trump-less GOP debate, the candidates played the customary “wander around the stage and pretend you actually like each other” game. But apparently, even when they’re just pretending, the candidates still can’t bring themselves to stomach Ted Cruz.




I Knew That Our Computers Were Just Portals to Other Worlds



Frog's Laptop Meal(Worm)




 The Super Bowl 50 ground crew forgot to paint an end zone for the Panthers

    Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately sometimes this means you end up painting the same team's logo in both end zones for the biggest game of the year:

View image on Twitter

See the faint remains of 'BRONCOS' in the end zone? Grounds crew painted the logo on the wrong side.


View image on Twitter

How come all the end zone pictures are just the Broncos for ? Because someone painted the wrong end zone.

There's plenty of time for the ground crew to fix the issue before the game on February 7, but until then we can enjoy this commercial again.




 Surfer Attempts to Ride Monster Wave, Gets Swallowed by the Water

 While some may be intimidated by the size of the famous "Jaws" wave in Peahi, Hawaii, no wave scares surfer Tom Dosland.

But that doesn't mean his rides always go smoothly.

On Thursday, an absolutely incredible video of Dosland taking on Jaws hit the Internet. The surfer attempted to ride the monster wave, but after a few seconds his board gave out and sent him crashing into the water below.


Hopefully Dosland didn't suffer any injuries in the fall.



 Draymond Green's Mom Interrupts Interview To Tell Him He's An All-Star

Draymond Green was selected as one of the reserves selected to join the All-Star Game on Thursday night. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone considering how well he's played this season, but it's still a big deal for Green, since it's his first time being selected to play the game and because he does everything with lots of emotion.

But when he was informed he was going to the All-Star Game in Toronto, he decided to hold back for a very specific reason:

Warriors forward Draymond Green sat down for a regular old interview with CSN Bay Area yesterday afternoon, when a familiar voice came on the line. It was his mother, Mary Babers-Green, with some exciting news: Green had been chosen to the West’s all-star reserves.




Atlanta Hawks ATL 92 - 111 IND  Indiana Pacers


 Yep, there's a very slight grab




New York Knicks NY 93 - 103 TOR Toronto Raptors


The Raptors have five cracks at it, but the ball gets hung up on the rim




Chicago Bulls CHI 114 - 91 LALLos Angeles Lakers


 Derrick Rose with the behind the back no look pass to E'twaun Moore



Nobody gets to touch Kobe




Denver Nuggets DEN 117 - 113 WAS Washington Wizards


Manimal VICIOUS block on Beal



 This Blocked Bradley Beal Dunk Is A Metaphor For The Wizards' Season

Poor Bradley Beal, and poor Wizards, who dropped to 20-24 with their 117-113 loss at home to the Nuggets.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)





Paul Allen's Yacht Destroyed Three Basketball Courts Worth of Coral Reef in the Cayman Islands

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 25: The superyacht Tatoosh owned by one of the cofounders of Microsoft parked in the Waitemata Harbour, Monday. (Photo by Dean Purcell/Getty Images)

 Paul Allen’s yacht damaged 14,000 square feet of protected coral reef in the Cayman Islands earlier this month. It seems the anchor chain of the “Tatoosh,” th 49th largest yacht in the world, did the damage near two popular scuba diving spots. Allen, the billionaire owner of the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks (who was not on the boat at the time), apparently just got involved with coral reef preservation research last year.

This yacht is both big and a big deal. So much so that when you Google Paul Allen, a sports team-owning co-founder of Microsoft, the first search autofill is “Paul Allen yacht.”


Here is Boat International magazine’s description of the vessel:

Tatoosh, a five-deck yacht displacing 3,616 tonnes, was built for cellphone magnate Craig McCaw and later sold to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. A model of understated luxury, she has a huge owner’s suite with a full-beam bedroom, family room, observation lounge, office, gymnasium and two cabins for children. Six guest cabins are located on the lower deck. Aside from the main and dining saloons, there are a panoramic lounge and cinema.

Other facilities include two helipads with refuelling equipment, one for the yacht’s own McDonnell Douglas MD500 and one for guests’ helicopters; a 12 metre speedboat and a Frers-designed 13 metre sailboat positioned in davits to port and starboard; a swimming pool; and a diving room with decompression chamber in the stern.

Tatoosh is manned by a full-time crew of 30, with facilities available for visiting staff and the helicopter pilot. The yacht is named after an island in the Pacific Northwest that marks the entrance to the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

Everything in this story sounds like it came from the 30 Rock writers’ room.



bear hi animals










 Dallas Mavericks DAL 92-90 LALLos Angeles Lakers



Dirk Hits Game-Winning Jumper, Gets The Kobe Pat Of Approval

Dirk Hits Game-Winning Jumper, Gets The Kobe Pat Of Approval

Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant’s 50th, and final, meeting lost some of its luster when Kobe had to miss it because of a shoulder injury. But the older, kinder, gentler Kobe still found a way to be involved in the biggest play of the night, congratulating his long-time foe after Nowitzki made a game-winning jumper with just two seconds remaining.


 kobe makes rookie get up



 All the beautiful dirk angles



 Dirk hits a go-ahead bucket with 2 seconds to go and gets some love from Kobe



 Here ya go




Adorable Canadiens fan reaches peak levels of joy after getting a puck

If you've ever received a piece of sports memorabilia straight from a pro athlete, you know how awesome that feeling can be.

I have bad news for you. Your experience doesn't come close to matching a young Canadiens fan's joy on Tuesday.

During warmups, as the Habs got ready to face the Columbus Blue Jackets, a little Montreal fan was jumping up and down and begging one of the players to pass him the puck. Dale Weise was happy to oblige, but he had no idea how happy he just made the two boys. The reaction was amazing.

Good lord, is that adorable. That puck will never leave their sight for the rest of their life!

I mean, just look at this face. You could get him a puppy and he wouldn't cradle it so lovingly.



But then Brendan Gallagher had to go and ruin all the fun.




Todd Rocheford art 3d trippy psychedelic



 Todd Rocheford trippy psychedelic drugs acid



Backyard Cricketer Hilariously Runs Full Speed Through Australian Fence

 This video comes from Australia, a country where people play cricket in their backyards. Watch as this guy hustles to score and doesn’t hit the brakes soon enough. Instead, he crashes through the wall like a combination of Rodney McCray and the cot damn Kool-Aid Man. Since the guy’s friends posted the video on YouTube, I’m going to assume he survived the hit. The ribbing he’ll receive from this video though, that may never end. #RIPTreg.



 Pro Skier Angel Collinson Survived a 1,000-Foot Tumble on Alaska Mountain [VIDEO]

 Angel Collinson, a 25-year old professional skier and environmental law student at the University of Utah, survived what The Daily Mail says was a 1,000-foot tumble in one minute at the Neacola Range in Alaska. At the end of this video, you can see cameras zoom in on her as she emphatically yells that she’s okay.

“I was worried about my neck, head and face so tried to cover them with my arms,” she said afterward, via TDM. “I got really lucky. I jammed two fingers and that was it. I lost everything out of my pack, but other than that I was totally fine.”




 Cricket Ball Sneaks Through Facemask, Breaks Player's Face

 Mitchell McClenaghan, a New Zealand-born cricketer, suffered a facial fracture during a match against Pakistan this weekend. McClenaghan swung and missed and the ball somehow found its way in between the bars of the cage on his helmet, hitting him full speed just above the left eye. Since it’s 2015, of course he posted a selfie of his broken face.


View image on Twitter

Thanks for all the concerns. Everything is as good as it can be just a few broken bones. Great win for the boys! 🐼


during the One Day International match between New Zealand and Pakistan at Basin Reserve on January 25, 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand.










 Baseball is Coming! First Pitch "Sir Charles Barkly"







Mateo Amaral animation vegetation una piedra negra repollo




Tue January 26, 2016


5 takeaways from the Democratic town hall

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)Hillary Clinton says she's a "proven fighter." Bernie Sanders says that while experience is important, "it is not the only thing" that Democratic voters should weigh. And Martin O'Malley took off his jacket.

Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley made their closing arguments to Iowa voters Monday night during a CNN televised town hall hosted by Drake University and the Iowa Democratic Party, just one week before the state's voters head to the caucuses and have the first say in deciding the parties' nominees.

Here are five takeaways from the event: Sanders, Clinton show some fight in Iowa Opinion: Will Clinton's pitch at Iowa town hall backfire?  Poll: Clinton tops Sanders, but lead shrinks 

Opinion: Why Clinton campaign sags and Sanders surges






The X-Files 2016 x files gillian anderson dana scully




The X-Files 2016 x files david duchovny fox tv




 A rogue tennis ball drilled an Australian Open linesman in the groin






 San Antonio SpursSA 90 - 120 GS  Golden State Warriors


 NBA scores 2016: Stephen Curry showed the Spurs and the rest of the league who the MVP is


Craig Sager's suit is shocking, even by Craig Sager's lofty shocking suit standards

Craig Sager is known for his outlandish suits, but this one is questionable even by his standards. What is it? What does it all mean? Is it a representation of Earth if it had gone to Studio 54 in the 1970s? Is this just a camo-gone-bad deal?

I know! it's a glittery Mark Rothko. That's what it is.


The Warriors Beat The Spurs, But More Importantly, They Beat Kawhi Leonard

The Warriors Beat The Spurs, But More Importantly, They Beat Kawhi Leonard

Once Gregg Popovich opted to sit Tim Duncan for Monday night’s matchup, we were never going to get a complete picture of the Warriors’ and Spurs’ relative abilities. But in laying waste to the Spurs 120-90, the Warriors demonstrated that even when Duncan returns, the Spurs will face an uphill slog.

The biggest strategic question was how the Spurs were going to guard Stephen Curry. His increased range, tightened handle, and improved understanding of space has made him nearly impossible to take out of his game this season. But if there’s any team that could do it, it’s the Spurs, who have by far the best defense in the NBA. The gap in defensive rating between the Spurs and the second best defense, the Boston Celtics, is the same as the gap between the Celtics and the league’s twenty-third best defense. According to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, much of this can be attributed to Tony Parker being, “healthier and more active.”

Accordingly, Parker opened up the game guarding Curry straight-up, which quickly proved to be a disaster. During a 2:42 flurry in the middle of the first quarter, Curry scored 10 points on Parker via threes, free throws, and one spectacular layup. When Parker left the game, and during the second quarter, Popovich chose to play his ace and had Kawhi Leonard check Curry. For the first time ever, it didn’t matter.

While guarded by the Defensive Player of the Year, Curry continued his reign of terror, most notably on this nasty move where he lost Leonard twice for the foot-on-the-line three:



Or this futile effort by Leonard to pick Curry up on the switch:

Kawhi Leonard is the single most disruptive defensive force in the NBA. He’s holding his opponents to just 39.4 percent on field goals, and helped wrap up superstars like Paul George as the Spurs went 14-2 in December. During the month they let just one wing, DeMar DeRozan, score 20 points against them. But not only was Leonard unable to stop Curry tonight—he went for 37 points and just one turnover in 28 minutes—Leonard was unable to stop whichever Warrior he guarded: the Warriors went 9-10 against him.

A lot changes once Tim Duncan returns, and once this rivalry moves away from the Warriors’ arena where they’re 60-2 over the past two seasons. But Kawhi Leonard was supposed to be—and in the past always has been—the Spurs’ not-so-secret weapon against the Warriors, the Steph Curry kryptonite.

With Leonard unable to even slow the Warriors, the Spurs lost more than just a game in the standings. As Oakland columnist Marcus Thompson II astutely noted on Sunday, there was a real long-term risk in putting Leonard on Curry:

If the Spurs go that route, can Curry handle Leonard? He is the best defender Curry will face. But seeing how much Curry has improved, Popovich may want to keep that gun in his holster. Because if Curry can score on Leonard, the Spurs are in trouble. And if he can’t, more time matched up on Leonard only helps Curry figure things out.

Despite his everyman appeal, Curry doesn’t remotely lack for confidence. But for almost two decades, the Spurs have owned sizable chunks of real estate in the Warriors’ head. Even last season, en route to winning the championship, the Warriors lost to the Spurs twice and were fortunate not to have to play them in the playoffs. But in proving they can solve Kawhi Leonard, the Warriors removed the biggest mental hurdle between themselves and back-to-back NBA championships.



 Curry goes Court to Court - NBATV



 Rasual block is anything but casual





 Charlotte HornetsCHA 129 - 128 SAC Sacramento Kings


 Troy Daniels hits a game winner against the Kings in double OT



 DeMarcus Cousins scores his 50th point of the game.




transparent animated Sticker









Chicago Cubs CHC   vs   NYM New York Mets 




Toronto Blue Jays TOR  0 - 5  KC Kansas City Royals 

Jose Bautista psyched out some Royals fans with a fake toss into the stands
After the fifth inning of Friday night's ACLS Game 1, Joey Bats pulled off a bit of understated trolling in the outfield:


"You want this ball? This one in my hand right now? Sure thing ... PSYCH!"


Last Night's Treatment,.......


MLB Tonight breaks down Jose Bautista's epic bat flip using Statcast technology

main image

By Mike Bertha |

The integration of Statcast™ technology into MLB broadcasts and highlights has revolutionized the way we look at monster home runs, insane diving catches and blazing speed on the basepaths. Now, it's being used to break down epic celebrations, too.

On Wednesday night, Jose Bautista hit the biggest home run of his long career -- a game-winner in Game 5 of the ALDS that he punctuated with a bat flip that surely made KBO players feel inadequate.

Well, the fine folks at MLB Tonight took that Statcast™ technology and applied it - finding that Joey Bats' bat reached a height of 10.6 feet off the ground and was suspended in the air for 1.74 seconds.

We're just a season or two away from Billy Beane assembling a full team of power hitters based on some new-fangled advanced bat flip metric like wFROB+ (Weighted Full Rotations On a Bat flip Plus).





Embedded image permalink
Chicago Cubs CHC   vs   NYM New York Mets 














Behind ace Jake Arrieta, the Chicago Cubs are advancing in the postseason. The Cubs beat the Pirates in the wild card game last night and world renowned Cubs fan Eddie Vedder was in Pittsburgh to help the Cubbies celebrate. Could this be the year?? Thanks to Hall of Very Good for the heads up.

Chris Emma's Photo

I'm been on the bandwagon for years T...

I’m been on the bandwagon for years

Chris Emma's Photo





Chicago Cubs CHC  4 - 0  PITPittsburgh Pirates


Jonathan Herrera wore a helmet with disembodied hands on it in the Cubs dugout





Texas Rangers TEX ALDS - G1 Oct 8 3:37 PM ET Toronto Blue Jays TOR


David Price brought his own emoji to the ALDS presser, didn't disrupt the space-time continuum





Houston Astros HOU 3 - 0 NYYNew York Yankees 



Billy Crystal was not really feeling the strike zone during the AL Wild Card Game


It's got to be great to be famous and beloved, right? When you're a celebrity, people are probably extra nice to you. They probably bend over backwards to make you happy, just because they want to be your plus one the next time you host the Oscars (which you do in cycles, like an awards show Halley's Comet).

If you can't tell, I'm specifically referring to Billy Crystal, a celebrity who we can all agree seems to be having a lot of fun. But there are some forces of the world that just aren't all that impressed with fame. Here's a partial list: Gravity, electromagnetism and MLB umpires.



 Houston x Flat Eric 



Embedded image permalink



This fan has made a massive Stan Musial mural out of Rubik’s Cubes:

Embedded image permalink


and got your back now! Gr8 job on .. 


#WhatsNext?      @Seahawks  Legion of Boom  



Robinson Cano@RobinsonCano Oct 5

I want to say thanks to all the fans and my family for a great season! Your support means everything to me!

Seattle MarinersVerified account @Mariners

And the star power increases.

Embedded image permalink





 friends animated GIF






 Bloodshed in Jerusalem caught on camera

 In the Old City of Jerusalem, increased violence between Palestinians and Israelis has escalated tensions to new heights in recent weeks. CNN's Eric McLaughlin reports.





Beetlejuice was so amped from this one.







When you're afraid to say anything so you just make faces 







Andrew McCutchen threw a Reds home run ball into the Allegheny River








Sad Georgia Fans After The Alabama Loss

GALLERY: Sad Georgia Fans After The Alabama Loss




video: Bears scared away by a 20 pound French Bulldog


video:  The Pope’s Astonishing Feat








picturebook,animated gif,meta,girlfriend



Korean Baseball Player Delivers Epic Bat Flip on Routine Fly Out to Left Field

Check out Kim Sa-yeon of KT Wiz admiring his fly ball to left field in Korean Baseball Organization action. Isn’t this fun? Isn’t it refreshing to see a baseball player not acting like a robot? Sure, it probably hurt the pitcher’s feelings when Sa-yeon flipped his bat up in the air, but if the pitcher doesn’t want his feelings hurt, he shouldn’t allow routine fly balls to left field.

Give credit to Sa-yeon for playing the game the way he wants to play it and not conforming to the old-school’s curmudgeonly ways.

I think we can all agree that Major League Baseball could use more of this, especially if it wants to attract young fans.



 Matthew Stafford's Wife Shares Bittersweet Message About Support from Detroit Fans

Although many in this city have already turned their back on the Lions and Matthew, we will never stop supporting Detroit. No matter how many #9 jerseys people burn or how many negative things people say about these players they will continue to fight for a championship for this city. Thank you @outlinethesky for sending us some Detroit apparel to get us through the winter and thank you Palmer for your constant support. #Detroit #OnePride




pluto animated GIF






Super Bowl XLVIII · 2014 NFC Championship Game · 2006 NFC Championship Game
"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." -Babe Ruth






Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Seahawks 2013

seahawks photo: Seahawks 3 Seahawks11.gif
" It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up." - Vince Lombardi
seahawks photo: seahawks.gif
Embedded image permalink







Huge ovation and roar from the for BamBam  Welcome back.

Embedded image permalink







Pumpkin Heads Trio photo pumpkin-heads-trio.gif 

















news animated GIF



'Friends' remade with hamsters. Could they BE any cuter?












Fan perseveres while missing three foul balls at Yankee Stadium

This guy had a rough night on Tuesday. He had front row seats for a Yankees – Red Sox game in New York and the Red Sox won, 10-4. He had a pop foul go through his hands. Then a ground ball foul hit him in the chest. Then a ballboy tried to throw the poor guy a ball and it bounced up and hit him in the face. For his sake, I hope this wasn’t a first date. Usually you don’t have to pay so much for such public embarrassment.










@MoneyLynch Still hate talkin but I will let you know what's BUGGING me.





guitar animated GIF


@drose  Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls suffers orbital fracture, to undergo surgeryChicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose suffered a left orbital fracture during Tuesday's practice and will undergo surgery Wednesday, the team announced.


CHICAGO -- Bulls guard Derrick Rose suffered a left orbital fracture during Tuesday's practice and will undergo surgery Wednesday, the team announced.

A timetable for his return will not be known until after the surgery, the Bulls said. They will provide an update at that time.

The fracture to his eye socket is the latest in a long line of health issues for the 2010-11 MVP. He tore the ACL in his left knee in April 2012 and missed the 2012-13 season. He then tore the medial meniscus in his right knee in November 2013 and missed the rest of the 2013-14 season.

Rose also had a meniscectomy on his right knee in February and missed 31 regular-season games during the 2014-15 season (including for illness and rest). In total, Rose has played in just 100 regular-season games since the beginning of the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season.