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 Fri April 8, 2016

Kerry makes unannounced stop in Baghdad to shore up ISIS fight

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By Chris Landers

It's one of the immutable laws of baseball dynamics: For every dinger, there is an equal and opposite home run call. Carlos Correa, however, is so good that he decided to flip that on its head.

The YES Network caught up with the Houston shortstop prior to Wednesday's game against the Yankees, and asked him to give his best impression of the home run call of YES broadcaster/hip lingo enthusiast Michael Kay. And, because he is Carlos Correa, 21-year-old demigod, of course he nailed it -- between the cadence, the timing and the "See ya!", it's a very impressive performance. Our panel of experts awards him a 9.7 for memorization and a 6.5 for enthusiasm, but you can click on the video above to judge for yourself.

And then, because he is Carlos Correa, 21-year-old demigod, he did this a few hours later: 


Now we just need him to hit some homers in front of Hawk Harrelson.





Chicago White Sox CWS 1 - 2 OAK Oakland Athletics


A's fan snags foul ball with one hand, doesn't spill a drop of beer, is example for us all


 One hand, clean catch, not a drop of beer spilled. Take a bow.

By Chris Landers

For as long as there have been baseball fans, and beer in the hands of those baseball fans, and foul balls occasionally being hit toward those baseball fans, mankind has grappled with an essential question: How can one catch a souvenir without spilling a drop? 

Many have tried: Some try to keep the beer safe, some use the beer as a glove, but in the end, it all pretty much looks like this:


But on this National Beer Day, that all changed. While taking in Oakland's game against the White Sox on Thursday, Adam Eaton lifted a fly ball toward one lucky A's fan, who responded as casually as possible:




 San Antonio Spurs SA 101 - 112 GS Golden State Warriors


With NBA immortality in sight, Warriors clobber Spurs to reach 70 wins
Warriors' Stephen Curry (30) dribbles past Spurs' Tim Duncan during the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, April 7, 2016, in Oakland, Calif.
The Washington Post

 Harrison Barnes leaves Kevin Martin chasing a ghost

 Tonight, the Warriors became the second team in NBA history to win 70 games, as they comfortably held off the Spurs 112-101. Steph Curry was as omnipotent as he usually is, and the final scoreline is perhaps a bit generous to San Antonio. Kevin Martin had an okay game off the bench for the Spurs, but also he got his soul taken by Harrison Barnes on this here play.

Speedy recovery, Kevin.


 "The basketball sized assistant trick"


 Textbook form on those push-ups


 Kawhi draws contact and tosses it in


 Aldridge Dislocates finger


 Coach Pop called a timeout 59 seconds into the game and ripped Danny Green a new one


 Ugly Sweater Mom Kills It @ GSW-SAS


 Steve Kerr flipping his sharpie





 Chicago Bulls CHI 98 - 106 MIA Miami Heat


 Josh Richardson Throws Down One Of The Best Dunks of The Year, Renders TNT Speechless

Josh Richardson is a fun rookie who plays about 20 minutes a game for the Heat and has a habit of jamming the bejesus out of the ball. If you’re not up on him, well now you are.


 Josh Richardson flies high and throws down a huge two-hander!


Alt angles Bulls


 Hassan Whiteside gets tackled to the floor by Doug McDermott





Vancouver Canucks VAN 3 - 7 CGY  Calgary Flames

"See This?"

Dougie Hamilton puts one past Miller then Bollig and Dorsett drop the gloves immediately after





King Felix fields some royal questions in latest Mariners commercials

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 click here to check out the rest




Marshawn Lynch Had a Profane Answer for Question About Retirement

A TMZ photographer asked Marshawn Lynch if he plans to retire or if he’ll be back for another season. The Seattle Seahawks running back, known for his forthcoming nature, responded with a question of his own.

“Is your b—- coming back?” Lynch asked the photographer.

Without knowing the identity of the TMZ employee or his relationship status, it’s difficult to glean any useful information out of this clip. But it is proof that good NFL journalism is being conducted in places other than Santa Clara this weekend.






 Watch a Robot Golfer Sink a Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

Watch a Robot Golfer Sink a Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

A robot just pulled off the best possible move in the game of golf.

In the opening round of this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, LDRIC the Golf Robot sank a hole-in-one on the par-3 sixteenth hole. Tiger Woods did the same thing on the same hole back in 1997, which helped launch his superstar status—and also triggered the current tradition of flinging beer cans and bottles onto the green whenever someone makes that perfect shot.

Golf Digest describes LDRIC the bot as “the go-to device for equipment and ball-testing in the golf industry” and the sixteenth hole at the TPC Scottsdale course as “one of the most exciting holes in golf.” Being a robot, its swing is fluid and precise, but apparently it can also mimic hooks and slices that the less-skilled golfer might have, presumably to test clubs and balls that a variety of players would use.

Yes, LDRIC is a nod to Woods’ real first name. And yes, the green was again showered in booze.





 How Crying Jordan Became A Thing

It might be the only good meme: Crying Jordan, a photo of a weepy Michael Jordan, seemingly custom-made for the internet to superimpose his face onto the head of anyone who just fucked up. It’s beautifully simple, it’s viscerally funny, and by this point a large amount of the humor comes from expecting it to appear—and seeing how it’s applied. But where did it come from?

The Wall Street Journal dips into the history of the meme, starting with the photo itself: taken by Associated Press photographer Stephan Savoia in 2009, as Jordan took the lectern for his Hall of Fame enshrinement speech. Jordan was moved by the prolonged ovation—you can see Crying MJ in motion here, starting about 40 seconds into the video. Savoia had no idea his photo went viral until the WSJ contacted him this week.

The meme started surfacing last spring, according to Google trends, but has skyrocketed in popularity since September.

Jordan still hasn’t commented on the photo’s popularity, but we know his sons are aware of it, and his lawyers are too. But the notoriously litigious Jordan brand isn’t going to go after this one for now: “at this time,” a Jordan spokesperson said, “we have taken no legal action.”

So meme away until it’s driven into the ground and we have to move on to, like, Pensive Shaq or something. Here’s your commemorative full-res Crying MJ photo:

Michael Jordan Surges on Web as ‘Crying Jordan’

An image of the tear-streaked face of the basketball legend, known as the ‘crying Jordan,’ is ricocheting around the Internet, superimposed on pictures of athletes or coaches who lost an important game

How Crying Jordan Became A Thing

More than a decade after Michael Jordan retired from playing basketball, a picture of him is still striking fear into the hearts of professional athletes.

The latest Internet meme involves an image of Mr. Jordan’s tear-streaked face superimposed on pictures of athletes or coaches who lost an important game. Known as the “crying Jordan,” it has ricocheted around social media, popularized by fans poking fun at sports losers and eliciting laughs (and retweets)​within moments of the final buzzer. In recent weeks, the trend has sparked rebuttals from teams and athletes.

When the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship Game two weeks ago, the Cardinals tried to pre-empt wisecracks by posting a crying Jordan photo on the team’s official Twitter TWTR -4.79 % account, with the message: “Is this what you want, Internet?!” It was retweeted more than 50,000 times.

After learning he was chosen for the NBA All-Star Game last month on live television, Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green told “NBA on TNT” hosts, “I almost started crying but I knew I was on TV and I ain’t want them to kill me on Instagram. I think they would have them make me the crying face instead of Jordan.”

Searches for “crying Jordan” have spiked since September, according to Google Trends. The photo mashups have expanded beyond sports into pop culture and politics. Making the rounds this week: Mr. Jordan’s lachrymose face perched atop the body of Donald Trump, following the billionaire’s second-place finish behind Sen. Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses.




N.F.L. Great Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease C.T.E.



Steph Curry, modern-day rock star





Peering into the fishbowl at Super Bowl media day, night!

Super Spowl Dedia May is off to a stantastic fart.


 "#OpeningNight takeaway: 49ers DE Arik Armstead is the most imposing reporter on the floor. Even Al Leiter can't elbow his way past 6'8", 280"

Chris Wesseling

@Chris Wesseling



 Bigger, brighter and bolder

Super Bowl Opening Night was a super-sized affair indeed, and Peyton Manning was the night's star.



Report: Peyton Manning Told Friends He's Retiring

The singular off-the-field storyline of this Super Bowl week would be—if Peyton Manning played along—Manning’s last game. But publicly, he’s remained mum, giving just one hint that he’s even thought about it. Privately, it’s apparently a different story.




People spent $30 to watch players from the Panthers and the Broncos answer questions from hand puppets and people with clown costumes, and that's okay.



Wade Phillips is rocking Aqib Talib’s gold chain on Super Bowl Opening Night

Super Bowl Opening Night, formerly known as Super Bowl Media Day, is the strangest. Here is Wade Phillips wearing Aqib Talib's bling to make it even more strange.

View image on Twitter

Coach Phillips rockin' Talib's bling. Details to come from the green room.

Elsewhere at media day, one outlet tried to teach players how to speak German.



They weren't the only one with an interesting outfit.


I have no idea what this is.




Media Day fans











Peyton Manning






"It's SUPER BOWL 50 Week"


We're here. #BeatThePanthers


Denver Broncos


 "And I didn't mean it to come off as a race thing. I didn't mean it to come off as anybody that's being brash or flamboyant about a specific question. I was just saying facts. I'm hoping to be a trailblazer to not give an avenue not only to African-American quarterbacks but athletic quarterbacks as well."

Cam Newton

- Cam Newton, elaborated on his comments about the impact he has as a quarterback in the NFL.




Team Rice All-Pros RIC  27 - 49 IRV Team Irvin All-Pros

Pro Bowl 2016 final score: Team Irvin dominates in 49-27 win

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson threw for three touchdowns in less than a half of play as Team Irvin pulled away with the convincing Pro Bowl win.


 Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman (24) and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) T of Team Irvin celebrate after Freeman made a touchdown during the first quarter of the NFL Pro Bowl football game, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, in Honolulu.

Seahawks' Wilson throws 3 TDs in Irvin's Pro Bowl


2016 Pro Bowl MVP: Seattle teammates Russell Wilson and Michael Bennett take home honors

Wilson threw three touchdowns in the first half for Team Irvin while Bennett was his usual disruptive self on defense.

To the surprise of almost nobody, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was named the Pro Bowl offensive MVP after a strong performance in Team Irvin's 49-27 win over Team Rice. His Seattle and Team Irvin teammate Michael Bennett claimed defensive MVP honors.

Wilson played in just the first half, but he was dominant in limited action, throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions on 8-of-12 passing. Wilson's three touchdown passes went to Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley.

This is Wilson's third Pro Bowl appearance, and the first time he took the MVP award. Wilson exploded in his fourth season in the league, setting several career highs. He threw for 4,024 passing yards, 34 touchdowns and eight interceptions, becoming the first quarterback in Seahawks history to reach the 4,000-yard mark.

Wilson took command of the Seahawks offense despite not having Marshawn Lynch for the majority of the season, leading Seattle to a 10-6 record and fourth straight playoff appearance. The Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the postseason before bowing out to the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional round.

Bennett made his first Pro Bowl appearance despite being one of the NFL's best defensive linemen in recent seasons. He did a little bit of everything on Sunday. He rushed the quarterback and recorded the only sack of the game. He danced with the mascots. He even got a carry as a running back and picked up seven yards. It initially looked like Bennett had run for a long touchdown, but the play was blown dead after the short gain.



Michael Bennett mic'd up is the best part of the the Pro Bowl

Watch video on Twitter

"I could be a rapper right now....It's easy."@Seahawks DE @mosesbread72 mic'd up at practice is GOLD.



Michael Irvin celebrated so hard he accidentally choked Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston threw a beautiful pass for a touchdown in the Pro Bowl. His reward?

 Michael Irvin is known for getting overly excited, but he might want to take it a little easier next time on one of his quarterbacks. At least until the game is over.



 Richard Sherman RKOs Clay Matthews outta nowhere during the Pro Bowl

Richard Sherman might be taking the Pro Bowl a bit too seriously. I mean, he just turned heel during the NFL's break between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl, with Clay Matthews being his victim. RKO outta nowhere!


 With RKO Call



5’8 RB Devonta Freeman made the best tackle at the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is essentially a game of two-hand touch with the majority of defenders going easy on the offensive players. Most running plays end with a standing scrum and a whistle rather than any player being brought to the ground.

Don't tell that to Falcons running back Devonta Freeman.

 At 5'8 and 206 pounds, Freeman is one of the smallest players in the game, and he's usually the one taking those hits, not dishing them out. But, Freeman subbed in to play a little defense and seemed very intent on making his tackle attempt count. Chris Ivory might not have loved that tackle. The Atlanta Falcons might not have loved that tackle. But, football fans who hate the lack of physical play in the Pro Bowl probably loved it.

Leave it to a small running back to make the biggest tackle in the Pro Bowl.



Tyrod Taylor entered the tame for Team Rice, but he tossed an interception to Harrison Smith on his first drive. Since it's the Pro Bowl and Team Irvin was up 14 points, that meant some wacky plays. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman ran a play on offense, a reverse that lost 22 yards. As a bonus, Sherman got tackled out of bounds by his teammate, linebacker Bobby Wagner.

 Team Irvin punted the ball away, but got it back immediately when Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got his second interception of the game. They capitalized on the turnover with yet another long touchdown pass, this time from Jameis Winston to Delanie Walker for 53 yards.



 Center at Pro Bowl blocks two D-Linemen at once.



 All hail Michael Bennett



Michael Bennett should be Pro Bowl MVP for this Whip and Nae Nae with mascots

 Michael Bennett Has Some Dance Moves



 Michael Bennett is the best. For absolutely no reason at all, Bennett took the time from playing in the Pro Bowl to dance with mascots. He didn't even score a touchdown to do it.

Now watch Bennett whip! Now watch the mascots Nae Nae!


 fake 1



Travis Kelce and Odell Beckham Jr. have perfected the synchronized celebration dance

It's pretty impressive that Kelce and Beckham were able to coordinate their dance moves in such a short time considering that the two didn't know they were going to be teammates until early last week.





seahawks#Repost @dangerusswilson EEE
No. 1 pick over all!! Finally! I guess short guys do win after all... #NoMoreHeelLifts #ProBowl2016 @tdlockett12 sorry for the stiff arm but you're on Team Rice this time... Haha



 KATE doin the KAT daddy






 FAROx psychedelic crazy dope hand









The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research



Marty & Doc on Kimmel

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 Grand Central Station, P.O. Box 4777, New York, NY 10163-4777. Tel: 1-800-708-7644
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 New York Mets NYM 8 - 3 FINAL CHC Chicago Cubs


Kansas City Royals KC 1 - 7 FINAL TOR Toronto Blue Jays






Thank You #MLB









 video:  Fox Steals GoPro






video:  Pet Emu Has Fun Playing Fetch with Girl







 Alaska Airlines Drum Circle are Cool, with Russell Wilson Commercial 








 NFL Still Thinks Tom Brady Is Going to Serve a 4-Game Suspension This Season




Tackling Marshawn Lynch @MoneyLynch is REALLY hard. There is a lot of evidence of this on the Internet, like this. But Lynch isn't a nightmare for defenders only when he's running the ball. He also lays the lumber as a blocker.





The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday? Are you serious, Breaux? Saints cornerback Delvin Breax





Ronny Munroe

I'm working on my web site. If anyone has any photos of me on stage you would like to submit for publication...












Johnny Bench


@MLB @BaseballHall @Yankees Yogi sent me a telegram when I hit a HR to pass him, "I knew my record would stand until it was broken".

, the telegram Yogi sent me when I broke his home run record.

Embedded image permalink


David Ortiz


A true legend in this game.

 Embedded image permalink



















 Marshawn Lynch tells autograph-seeking teens to 'back up off me'

By Kipp Robertson, Writer |September 22, 2015 @ 10:29 am

Apparently Marshawn Lynch has a similar disdain for teenagers seeking autographs as he does for reporters looking for quotes.

 A video, allegedly shot in Wisconsin over the weekend when the Seahawks were in town to play the Packers, shows a group of teenage boys asking Lynch for autographs. Lynch, minding his own business on his stroll through town, isn't having it.

"Back up off me," Lynch says as he turns toward the group who continue to follow him.

That's all Lynch is heard saying during the 34-second video. However, TMZ reports Lynch told one of the boys "How would you like it if I slapped that [expletive deleted] phone out of your hand and that smile off your face," after the cameras were off. The uncle of the boy told TMZ he was "shocked" by Lynch's behavior.

Other than the report by TMZ, there is no proof that happened, however.